Borborygmus #jusjojan

I remember hearing a while ago that a borborygmus was the sound of your stomach growling, or gurgling as the case may be. I looked the word up, and it seems that it’s not your stomach growling, but the sound of gas as it travels through the intestine, especially your large intestine.

As much as I’d like to indulge my inner 12-year-old (huhuh… farts… huhuh), I’m going to avoid that particular topic, and instead share an example of the kind of noise I listen to at night to help me get to sleep. In this case, a peaceful forest river gurgling along while birds chirp in the background. It’s three hours long, so I don’t expect you to listen to all of it right now, but it does help when you’re trying to get to sleep.

Linda Hill runs Just Jot It January. Di is at least in part responsible for the prompt. Thanks, Linda and Di!

31 thoughts on “Borborygmus #jusjojan

  1. Never heard of that word but I have that more than I want especially when I saw client, in person, and my bowels become quite vocal. This relaxing music is truly needed considering what happened.


  2. Great word, John! When I lived in Florida, I spent a lot of time at the beach and loved to go to sleep to the sound of the ocean.


  3. Oddly, I am just as familiar with the rumbling tummy sound as I am with a babbling brook. I’ve slept near a few streams in my time. Not as much in the last few years. Life’s funny.

    I hope your New Year is going well. I only read and reviewed 23 books last year, but my goal for this year is 30. My other goals are to publish another fiction book in 2021, do the Blogging from A to Z Challenge in April, and increase the number of authors helped by Operation Awesome.


  4. My inner 12-year-old immediately heard “Barbara Ann”:

    ( ||:Bor-bor-bor, bor-bor-borborygmus :|| )
    Oh borborygmus,
    So many stigmas
    ‘gainst borborygmus

    I’d better leave it there.

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  5. John,

    I much prefer the gurgling sound of water over intestinal upsets which sounds annoying and often uncomfortable. I can see your inner child was trying hard to break loose but you kept a tight grip on him. 😀

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  6. I like the sound of the gurgling water video. I just wonder if it would make me need to go to the bathroom. Best sleep I ever had was camping next to a river. The sounds were steadier, more uniform. It was when my bladder was younger.

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