Simply Six Minutes: Furry Little Kamikazes!

The squirrels in my neighborhood are crazy. It’s like they have a death wish or something. We’ll be driving around and all of a sudden one will come dashing out from the side of the road. Mary will slam on the brakes to try not to hit it, and the furry little bastard will turn around and run back where he was. We think he’s back on the side of the road and start moving again, and he’ll come dashing back out again!

You do your best to avoid them, because they don’t know any better, but occasionally you crush one, and you end up feeling awful for killing him. What can you do, though?

One day we were driving through the subdivision and saw a hawk carrying one off. That’s kind of disconcerting, because you try your best not to kill them only to have a hungry hawk say "ooh! dinner!" and swoop in fo the kill. On the one hand, you know that’s what hawks do: they have to eat and you can’t go out to the store and buy Purina Hawk Chow (which would probably be squirrel flavored). On the other hand, you feel bad for the squirrel.

Because, let’s face it: they’re kind of cute. They’d make cute pets, if they weren’t wild animals.

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12 thoughts on “Simply Six Minutes: Furry Little Kamikazes!

  1. You are so right about those squirrels! They almost do it as a truth or dare – “I dare you to try to make it across before that car squishes you!” Thanks for participating and I love the Hawk Chow!


  2. I love to watch squirrels and their antics! I had a friend that had a flying squirrel as a pet! Turned out not to be such a good idea!


    1. I remember a guy at Loyola (when I was a kid growing up near campus) who had a pet raccoon. He’d walk around with it on his shoulders all the time. That’s about the only time I can think of that someone had a wild animal as a pet where it actually worked. I would imagine the squirrel could cause a lot of damage…

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  3. You are so right about squirrels. Growing up on a sawmill, when we got a load of logs in there was a neat with 2 baby squirrels. One died but the other grew up. My mom fed it and we have pictures of the squirrel on my shoulder and on my dad’s head. He was a cutie


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