Song of the Day: Vic Mizzy, “The Addams Family Theme”

Cartoonist Charles Addams would be 109 years old today. In 1964, David Levy and Donald Saltzman created the TV series The Addams Family based on the characters in Addams’s cartoons in The New Yorker. The show ran for two seasons. Vic Mizzy, a veteran composer of TV themes, wrote and performed the theme song.

32 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Vic Mizzy, “The Addams Family Theme”

  1. Now I know why I watched this last night. I saw this yesterday and forgot to comment. I went right to them when I got home. One of the best remembered themes.


    1. We have a theory that the best shows have great themes. The question is, were they great shows because they had memorable themes, or are the themes memorable because the shows were so good?

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      1. That is a good question. The theme pulls you in. You are right…all the ones I watch have great themes. Bonanza, Taxi, Cheers, Gunsmoke (Black and White), Have Gun Will Travel…I’m trying to think of some that don’t.
        Or maybe we have heard them so many times they are familiar….but no I like those.

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  2. Oops! Pushed the button too soon. I meant to add that TV’s nothing but sleazy reality shows and reboots. Nobody in show business is original anymore and the ones who are get blacklisted by Hollywood for starting their own production companies. It’s sad.


  3. I remember watching this show when I was growing up! Loved it! Tv just isn’t tv anymore. It’s gone to crap. Back then, television was so enjoyable and engrossing, now it’s boring and full of evil!


    1. We watch MeTV almost exclusively, the exceptions being the Columbo reruns on Saturday night on Cozi and wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy on the local NBC affiliate. We’ve seen every black and white episode of Andy Griffith (seasons 1-5) and all of Hogan’s Heroes many times over, but I’d rather watch them than anything the networks have. We cut the cord in 2013 and haven’t missed it. Eventually, when this TV dies, we’ll get a Roku enabled TV and watch some of the oldies available there.

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      1. I like The Munsters too, but like Addams Family more. One of the antenna nostalgia channels around here has Munsters, and I sometimes see Addams Family. I don’t remember if it’s the same channel. It would be nice to see them back to back on the same channel though.


        1. Cozi TV has the broadcast rights to “The Munsters.” As far as I can tell, no one (at least not on the broadcast channels or subchannels) has the “Addams Family” rights. Sometimes, though, Decades has the “weekend binge” where they show all the episodes (or as many as will fit) on Saturday and Sunday. You never know, you might see it there. (And if all the shows don’t take up a full weekend, they run them again.) Guess we can hope…

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