Song of the Day: Ron Grainer, “Doctor Who Theme”

Today, William Hartnell, who became the first person to play Doctor Who on the series of the same name, would be 113 years old. The theme music has changed over the years, but is still based on the original theme written by Ron Grainer, one of the first to use electronic music. Here are all the opening sequences for the show, so you can compare them for yourself.

13 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Ron Grainer, “Doctor Who Theme”

  1. I love Doctor Who 😀 I vaguely remember watching some Tom Baker episodes when I was little. The new Doctor Who got me hooked. I’ve gone back and watched some of the classic episodes, thanks to DVDs and a Classic Doctor Who channel on Pluto TV. I’ve enjoyed all the Doctors (even Jodie Whittaker), but don’t think I could have just one favorite. I’d say Tom Baker, David Tenant, Matt Smith, and Peter Capaldi are my favorites.


    1. I think I would have liked to have seen more of the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann), who was the Doctor in the made-for-tv movie. My two favorites are Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker, because I’ve seen all their stories.

      I’ve watched Pluto on a couple of occasions using my browser. I’m hoping we get a TV with Roku. I think it would be much less confusing that way…

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  2. I love Doctor Who…or I did…I don’t watch it now. The Doctor I think of is Tom Baker. The last time I watched it on a regular basis was Matt Smith…when he left I stopped watching it.


    1. Most of the ones I saw in Chicago were Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker. WTTW managed to get its hands on a few of the William Hartnell and Patrick Troughtons, and I on and off watched Davison, Colin Baker and McCoy and the movie with Paul McGann. The 21st century ones have kind of left me cold (though I liked the Jenna Coleman episodes, because, well, Jenna Coleman).

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  3. I just never got into Dr. Who and I watched it at the beginning(reruns) and didn’t like it. I did see a few shows with David Tennant which was quite good…the ghoulish angels freaked me out. I do prefer the earlier version of the music before they made it very 90s sounding like so many shows from that era.


    1. Mine’s the third. “Doctor Who” was popular when we lived in Chicago, and Tom Baker was the Doctor at that point. Then they went back to the Pertwee episodes, and I really liked them, even more so than Baker. Haven’t seen the most current iteration, nor her predecessor for that matter…


      1. I’ve seen every episode from Eccleston to Whittaker. I’ve seen a few of the Tom Baker episodes.

        When I have the time I’m going to see what I can find of the earlier shows.


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