The Sky’s The Limit? #socs #jusjojan

"The sky’s the limit" prompted me to look up through the skylights in the living room, but I didn’t see much, because it’s overcast. So the limit today is 1600 feet (I checked the National Weather Service) or about 487 meters (I checked Siri for all you metric fans out there).

I kind of like the picture above, because it looks like the slide they used to put up on TV when there was a rain delay during a baseball game. Kind of like this…

Too bad it’s cloudy, because on a clear day, you can see forever. Hey, that would make a pretty good song title. Maybe I could get Barbra Streisand to sing it…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. It’s also part of Just Jot It January, another brainchild of the aforementioned Ms. Hill.

Now a word about Newport cigarettes. Newport smokes fresher than any other menthol cigarette!

21 thoughts on “The Sky’s The Limit? #socs #jusjojan

    1. Tell me about it. WGN would run Golf Tip of the Day with Dow Finsterwald (there’s a name for you) and some other garbage until it looked like they were going to resume play, then we’d sit and watch the grounds crew putting new dirt on the infield and someone putting new lines on the field while Jack Brickhouse and Lou Boudreau would shoot the breeze about whatever until they were ready to start again. And of course you got a heapin’ helpin’ of commercials for Hamm’s Beer, United Airlines, Union 76 gasoline, Winston cigarettes (before 1971) that were more entertaining than Dow or Jack and Lou…

      You don’t get any of that at the ballpark. Mostly just sit there watching puddles form and having water drip on your head. That’s why people brought radios…


            1. I did that during the 1991 World Series because Tim McCarver and Jack Buck were driving me crazy. I also listened to the last game of the 1992 league championship on the radio because McCarver again…

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        1. We visited a friend in the hospital about 40 years ago, and she was havin’ a butt while they exercised her knee. A lot of the earlier ads showed doctors endorsing Camel cigarettes. Seems really weird now…

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