Got Any Cheese? #JusJoJan

Remember the TV show Family Matters, that ran for nine seasns, from 1989 to 1998? One of the more humorous characters was Steve Urkel, the annoying boy next door who had a crush on the Winslow family’s daughter, Laura. Anyway, at first he was just a pest, showing up out of nowhere and overstaying his welcome, as in this clip…

The look of horror on Telma Hopkins’s face is priceless.

I joke that Mary’s contribution to haute cuisine is cheese. Sometimes it seems like she puts it in everything. But that’s okay, I love her and everything usually comes out okay, and hey, I can’t cook anymore so I don’t complain.

I’m not one of those "adventures in fine cheese" people. My favorite kinds are Cheddar and American, but I can tolerate any kind that isn’t smelly or have bugs or mold in it. That eliminates casu martzu, a popular cheese on the island of Sardinia that literally has maggots in it, Roquefort or blue cheese, and Limburger, notorious for its strong and some would say foul odor. My stepfather, God rest his soul, loved it. I can remember him sitting in the kitchen with a can of beer, a few saltines, and a small pack of Limburger. He was in heaven. He had more than a little German ancestry and loved stuff like that. We used to meet at The Berghoff Restaurant in downtown Chicago, and he’d have pork shanks and sauerkraut.

I miss those lunches…

Linda Hill chose "cheese" for the JusJoJan prompt today.

24 thoughts on “Got Any Cheese? #JusJoJan

  1. I’m not that adventurous with cheese. I like a strong cheddar and I like something like “boursin” which is a soft spreadable cheese flavoured with garlic. Funny but I think that maggotty cheese came up in a TV quiz question recently. As in what’s in Casu Martzu cheese? followed by 3 options. Needless to say the person got it wrong. Who’d believe anyone would put maggots in cheese? lol


  2. I couldn’t stand Urkel and never watched that show. I am not one for stinky cheese. My mom loved harzenroller. It is the stinkiest cheese..blechh.


  3. Hi John – I love cheese … but try not to buy it too often – though always have cheddar on hand for cooking, or snacking with a salad. That kid – no doubt an adult – yes I see 44 or so … I wonder if he really does like cheese! Loved that clip though … and particularly your love for Mary that shines through … take care – Hilary


  4. No maggots in my cheese, please! I love cheese but not American cheese, which is some sort of processed junk. Swiss cheese and feta cheese are my faves!


  5. My cheese tastes are limited. I love real cheddar cheese. I refuse to eat “American:” cheese. Why on G-d’s green earth would anyone eat cheese with maggots in it???????
    Memories are wonderful to make and to revisit.


  6. I had no idea there was maggoty cheese. the smelly ones are bad enough. You might have cured me from wanting cheese. I didn’t watch Family Matters, but the dad looks like the cop in Die Hard. I really liked him in that movie.


  7. Funny how Steve Urkel was not even supposed to be a long term cast member and then he made the show. Blue cheese is awful. Not sure how people can eat it. Only heard of limburger, never tasted it nor would I want to try it. Same with that maggot infested cheese. No thanks! Glad you have the memories of those lunches with your step father.


    1. I’m glad I have the memories, too…

      I think Fonzie was kind of the same thing. He was to be a recurring character, but somehow he ended up taking over the show…

      All I ever heard about Limburger was that it was awfully smelly, but he loved the stuff. He had another one he liked, another strong-smelling cheese from Germany. It’s an ethnic thing, I think, a learned taste. Mary talks about her mother taking pig’s feet, boiling the aspic out of them, and spreading it on bread. She said it was absolutely terrible, but her mother loved it.


      1. I cannot even imagine spreading pigs feet on bread. Sounds like my grandma eating the “pope’s nose” of the chicken or us boiling the venison bones to make a soup we called “deer meat & rice”. I think I’ve lost my appetite. lol

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  8. Once my father-in-law, who was iiving with us while his house was being worked on, came in late at night and made himself aa grilled cheese sandwich…out of limburger. Took days to air out the place.


  9. I remember urkel well . as for the cheeses, I love a good cheddar and good blue. and even velveeta on a grilled cheese, but don’t think that qualifies as cheese )

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    1. Velveeta melts easily, and it doesn’t taste bad. Great in a grilled cheese sandwich or on a hamburger. They used to advertise making queso using Velveeta and Ro-Tel tomatoes (the diced ones with the peppers). Cooks up really quickly in the microwave…


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