The After-Christmas White Sale Week That Was

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It’s been another quiet week here at Chez Holton, a good start to January proper. Yes, the Christmas season has ended and things are more or less back to normal, or at least what passes for it.

We watched Alex Trebek’s final Jeopardy! appearance on Friday, and for me it was more of a celebration of his life than a mourning of his death. I guess Ken Jennings, the Greatest Jeopardy! Player of All Time, will be filling in while the producers try to figure out who will be the permanent replacement for him. Alex Trebek is a very hard act to follow. The trend these days is to get a comedian to host a game show. I mean, Drew Carey is hosting The Price Is Right, Wayne Brady Let’s Make A Deal, Steve Harvey Family Feud. Mary suggested Jane Lynch, which might work well, except she’s making scads of money hosting evening game shows.

Anyway, here’s last week’s summary.

The first week of January resulted in the first full week of prompts for Just Jot It January.

Since I didn’t know we actually had a theme for Monday (since typically the first Monday in January is a freebie, because all December the theme was Christmas), I did an acrostic that spelled out "twenty one" in song titles. I’ll do another freebie this Monday, then get back on track now that I know where to find the themes. By the way, I’ll be guest conductor for May.

Answered questions about what a relationship breaker would be for me, whether I belive in extraterrestrials, whether I hit the snooze button in the morning or spring out of bed ready to face the day, and what animal I’d like to return as after my demise. I’ll give you a hint: it’s a cat.

We visited KTOP radio in Topeka, Kansas (town motto: Gateway To Holton) and went over their survey for the first week in January 1956, almost three months before I was born.

Found a one-liner that suggested you’ll get a free U2 album with your Covid-19 vaccine, which reminded me of Apple Music deciding to gift everyone with a U2 album a few years ago and how they ended up having to provide a way to remove it permanently from your library if you didn’t want it. I was one of them.

The picture/prompt was of a squirrel getting ready to snatch either a grape or a nut from a woman’s mouth. I thought of how the furry little bastards in my neighborhood like to play chicken with approaching cars, and how we do everything we can not to turn them into road kill, and how our neighborhood hawk (it’s a chicken hawk, so we named it Henery after the chicken hawk in Foghorn Leghorn cartoons) occasionally likes to grab a squirrel for lunch. I never see any of the buzzards from Sweat Mountain coming for road kill, but that’s another matter entirely.

The prompt was how we spent New Year’s Eve and what that signifies for the rest of the year. We, of course, go nowhere on New Year’s Eve (for that matter, we generally go nowhere, anyway), so 2021 looks a lot like 2020 in that regard. Sounds boring, and it is, but we like boring.

The prompt was "sky’s the limit," and I noticed it was overcast out, so the sky was more of a limit than anything. The sun came out later, by the way.

If I can get my act together, we’ll have a battle of the bands this coming Friday. Everything else is status quo. And speaking of Status Quo, here’s their hit "Pictures of Matchstick Men" from 1968.

12 thoughts on “The After-Christmas White Sale Week That Was

  1. I meant to record Alex’s last episode and missed it. I’m glad it was more like a celebration of his life. Nice recap. I like how to sectioned out the JusJoJan posts. Off to see any I missed.


  2. What a week it was! That cigarette ad actually made me cringe. This past week was crazy and will be crazy for a while. Glad you are keeping up with this music which is fun to listen to.


  3. Alex Trebek will be hard to replace.Have you read his memoir? I highly recommend it, he had such a positive attitude.


    1. He was definitely one of a kind. I remembered back when he did “The New High Rollers” with Ruta Lee, and when I heard he was going to host Jeopardy! (which I remembered with Hugh Downs) I said “nah, it’ll never work.” but Alex was just the right combination of game show host and erudite raconteur, and I think the show changed with him.


  4. We also don’t go anywhere (even before covid) and we’re totally ok being boring 😀. I also want to come back as a cat, with me as the owner; we spoil our cats a great deal. Have a happy Sunday.


    1. Since my stroke, we don’t venture too far from home, because Mary’s the driver and she doesn’t venture more than a mile or two away unless it’s something she really wants to do.

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