Simply 6 Minutes: I Don’t Need An Excuse…

Oh, come on. If you feel like you have to justify enjoying something as enjoyable as chocolate, it takes all the enjoyment out of it.

Chocolate is great stuff. It makes you happy (that is, if you like it). I remember going on a really lousy job interview that was way out where God left his sandals. This was post-stroke, so Mary had to drive me. On the way back, she said "Let’s stop at Walgreens and get chocolate bars!" And we did, and they tasted great, and elevated our mood. I’ve forgotten nearly everything about the interview, but not about the chocolate.

This past Christmas, we bought ourselves Frango mints, a chocolate mint. I used to sell them at Marshall Field’s in Chicago, long before they became Macy’s. (And yes, I’m aware that they got the recipe when they bought out a department store in Seattle.) We hadn’t had them in years. They’re now made by an independent company, and they’re still great. This Easter, we’re going to get some chocolate from Fannie May, another Chicago institution that’s been bought by another company. Nothing like a little taste of home…

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16 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: I Don’t Need An Excuse…

  1. One of the things I am learning as I am trying to lose some weight is that going and buying a chocolate bar as a treat is fine but I don’t have to buy a whole bag of chocolates to have at home. It loses some of its tastiness when it is eaten all the time. I have a few months before eating chocolate but I would never cut it completely out of my life..that is insane! Thank you for participating!


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