I’ll Write A Check #jusjojan

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Remember the days when you wrote a check for everything? (For those of you not in the United States, that’s a cheque.) Paying the monthly bills (utilities, rent, credit card payments, car payments, etc. etc.) was just part of it. Every time you went out, you carried your checkbook with you, along with an extra pad of checks in case you were running short, plus a pen because they wouldn’t always have one that worked where you were buying something (specifically the grocery store) and, of course, enough forms of ID so that you could prove that yes, you were the same John Holton (or whatever your name happened to be) who was presenting your check to them. Every place had a different list of acceptable ID. The one that almost always got accepted was a driver’s license or a state ID, but there were some places that went further, requiring at least one credit card, and not just any credit card, a national credit card (Visa, Master Card, American Express, Diner’s Club, Carte Blanche, Discover, a gas station credit card etc.), retina scan, blood sample, fingerprint… in other words, more ID than you needed to vote. When I sold clothes in college, they had a book by the register of people who were suspected of passing bad checks, and you had to look them up in the book to see if they had passed a bad check, and if they did you had to get a manager who would then tell them their check was no good.

The purpose of putting a shopper through that amount of grief was to convince them to apply for one of the store’s credit cards….

I don’t think Mary and I have written an actual physical check for anything in the last five years, since Mary’s Avon Lady passed away. We pay everything with a credit card, then pay the credit card electronically at the end of the month. I think most people do that now, much to the chagrin of Harland, Deluxe and other companies that used to print the checks…

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15 thoughts on “I’ll Write A Check #jusjojan

    1. With all the bills we had at one time, I could spend a good hour writing checks and collating them. Once I put the wrong check in the right envelope and had Chrysler threatening to send someone to my house and beat me up…

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      1. Mine don’t and I don’t care. The check has to be made out before I stand at the door for my temperature check. I then fill in the questionnaire and am off to my treatment. I only go if I can be the first appointment of the day. So worth it.


  1. Well, same here … we still use paper checks for all the bills each month. Really that’s all, though, Everything else is using plastic.


  2. I still use checks to pay the utilities and the car insurance. They can wait for their money, plus it gives the secretaries something to do. Open the mail. Keeping the postman in a job. Just doing my civic duty – LOL


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