The MLK Day Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Lark cigarettes. There is nothing like a Lark!

Tomorrow is the Martin Luther King Birthday holiday in the US. What that means is that we won’t get mail, not that we ever receive anything that’s all that important anyway. I’m happy the powers that be have kept it a dignified holiday, rather than an excuse for a clearance sale.

Went to have my teeth cleaned the other day and learned that what’s left of a tooth that’s covered by a crown is decaying and the dentist has to remove the crown, make sure that the decay hasn’t spread to the tooth next door, clean it up and put a new crown on it. Fortunately, I have good dental insurance. At least I hope so. Up to now I’ve only asked it to pay for my cleanings.

Anyway, here’s the summary for last week.

Monday was a freebie day, so I built a playlist of the #1 songs (according to the year end Billboard Hot 100) of each year in the ’80’s.

Questions included what we planned on getting rid of in the New Year (for me, it’s social media), the most daring thing we’ve ever done (in my case, it was quitting my job without having another lined up), whether our family has a motto, and how funny we thought we were on a scale of 1-10 (I went with the consensus and said 7).

We visited radio station KODY in North Platte, Nebraska and looked at their survey from 1960.

My one-liner was the answer Twitter gave me when I quit. I’m dropping as many of my social media accounts as I feel comfortable getting rid of. As of right now, I’m down to Facebook and Instagram. And I feel better.

The prompt was about chocolate and the extent to which people go to justify their eating it. I said hey, if you want chocolate, have chocolate.

I joined Mary B’s weekly song challenge, where she gives three prompts (in this week’s case, songa with a food, an animal, and a number in the title) and I come up with three songs. It’s similar to the song challenge Laura Venturini had going on her blog about a year ago.

I discussed how Mary and I are coping with Covid-19. Basically, we don’t go out, and I’m starting to enjoy it.

My most recent Battle of the Bands pits two songs named "The Coffee Song" against each other. If you haven’t voted yet, please do (if you wish, that is).

Jack Bruce was the featured artist.

We were to start the blog post with "first thing" and end it with "last thing." So I talked about a few things.

Tomorrow on Monday’s Music Moves Me, we’re going to celebrate Winnie The Pooh. How, I don’t know. Wednesday is the inaugural "Go Stand In The Corner," where each month you tell someone who annoyed you or screwed up big time to go stand in the corner. And all the other features will be here next week, too. Hope to see you this coming week!

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  1. I need to get in for a cleaning too. I keep delaying due to Rona. No telling what they’ll find when I eventually go back 😷


  2. Good luck with the Dental work John, I had some done last week! I don’t have an insurance, so save and pay as I go. I had an exam,an x-ray and a clean! 💜💜


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