Set A Spell…Take Your Shoes Off #jusjojan

I could go on a rant yelling about the difference between "rein" and "reign," but I did that last year during the A to Z Challenge. I saw it a few times today, not from anyone reading this (I hope).

I got thinking about a phrase from the theme of The Beverly Hillbillies, "set a spell." It means "don’t go running off to the next thing; stay for a few minutes and have a chat. Have a cup of coffee and let’s visit." Kind of like Sebastian Maniscalco in the first part of this bit:

Remember those days? Before social media and ubiquitous phones? They should call it "antisocial media." Want to know what’s wrong these days? We’re afraid to meet people face-to-face. The ease with which we did that disappeared into the great War on Cooties. Forcing us to keep our doors closed, stay a minimum of six feet or two meters away (depending on where you live), hide our faces behind ineffectual masks…

Linda Hill is the creator and hostess of Just Jot It January.

14 thoughts on “Set A Spell…Take Your Shoes Off #jusjojan

  1. I loved this show! It was lighthearted and funny and reminds me of simpler times. I don’t answer my phone unless I know who it is. My phone displays if it is a Robo call or potential spam. Since, we still don’t get out and around, our communication is with each other, the cat, and our neighbors. Our cat, Callie, is a very talkative feline and actually will carry on a conversation not that we know what she’s saying. We’ve had cats before but not as talkative as this one. She is one cute bundle of entertainment.


    1. Is Callie a Siamese? We had one when we lived in Chicago, and we’d carry on conversations with her all the time. Milton, our Devon Rex, would do it sometimes.

      Did you see the “Beverly Hillbillies” movie with Jim Varney and Cloris Leachman? That actually wasn’t too bad. Some vulgarity that wasn’t in the TV show, but still, not bad.

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      1. Callie is a tortoiseshell and has what is referred to tortitude. She’s short-haired and multicolored – black and rust. There’s a pic of her on Eugi’s Causerie. I remember our Siamese having a meow that sounded like a baby crying. Callie has squeaky tiny meow that gets her anything she wants.


  2. My mom found this tv show way before she got dementia and loved the Beverly Hillbillies especially old grandma. It is pretty funny. This comedian is so funny and it’s true. We often do hide from company whereas I recall my dad inviting many over for cake and coffee.


    1. It was a very funny show, the ultimate “fish out of water” show.

      Sebastian Maniscalco is very funny. Maybe I just think so because I’m from Chicago and so is he, but that sketch in particular is funny because that’s exactly what it was like. My parents would see someone walking through the alley (we all traveled through the alley) and invite them in.


  3. John,

    The Beverly Hillbillies is such a great old TV show. They certainly don’t make programs like that anymore. I remember some of the old timers back home in southern WV using the phrase, “Set a spell”. The comedian was so spot on about ‘company’ at the door. Heck, when I was a kid my parents left the door unlocked 99% of the time so anyone we knew just came on into the house at all hours. No one ever called to say I’m coming over, they just showed up. I lost my socialbility after I left the work force. Being a full time SAHM turned me into a reclusive person but I still enjoyed talking on the phone with friends and family. Now, gone are those days. About the only time I communicate with anyone with the exception of my parents who I try to call every few weeks is through text messages. I won’t answer phone calls if the number isn’t in my contact because 99.999% of the time it’s a spambot. I figured if it’s someone important then they’ll leave a message. Okay, I do get computer generated messages usually warning me that there’s a warrant out for my arrest or that my student loan has been forgiven. Gee, I wonder if I should call these people? lol It’s funny how different things are today over 40 years ago. I appreciated the good laughs this morning. What a wonderful way to start the day! You’ll find my BoTB results up today on Curious as a Cathy. Have a fabulous weekend, my friend!


    1. I have a hard time realizing that 40 years ago was 1981. Then I realized Mary and I will be married 43 years next week, and suddenly it hits me: I’ve been around a long time…


  4. Very relatable. Mom always had an Entenmanns coffee cake at the ready. No Sanka but good ole Folgers or Maxwell House in the percolator.


  5. Yes I knew that’s what you were talking about when I read the header. Sebastian Maniscalco is one of those artists I’d like to see if we can ever get out again.


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