Song of the Day: Boots Randolph, “Yakety Sax”

British comedian Benny Hill would be 97 today. Homer Louis "Boots" Randolph’s "Yakety Sax," Benny’s signature tune, was a hit for him in 1963, reaching #35 on the pop chart. The song is based on the saxophone solo in The Coasters’ 1958 hit "Yakety Yak."

26 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Boots Randolph, “Yakety Sax”

  1. I’m 12 years old again….going through puberty watching Benny Hill’s ladies with this song playing.


      1. Oh yea! John there was another British comedian that I really liked that was on the air here. Dave Allen At Large…did you ever watch that?


        1. We loved Dave Allen. Sunday Evenings in Chicago were Monty Python, Dave Allen, The Two Ronnies (ever seen them? Ronnie Corbett and Ronnie Barker), then Doctor Who. I told a couple of Dave Allen jokes the other day, did you see them?

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          1. No I never saw the Two Ronnies. I’ll have to check them out. No I didn’t but I will go look now.
            I wish I could find his show. He would sit smoke and drink and show skits.

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            1. Of “The Two Ronnies,” you mean, or “Dave Allen At Large”? I’ve seen the former, but not the latter, at least not on YouTube. Allen specified in his will not to release his shows on DVD or continue to show them after he died, so it’s kind of catch as catch can with those.

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  2. I was so glad to read it came from the song Yakety Yak, because when I saw your blog post title, I thought “Oh, know, another song I’ve Mondegreened!!!”


        1. Chet was an amazing guitar player. Always learning something new, always encouraging others, always had his ears open for new things. Tommy Emmanuel said that he walked into Chet’s office when they first met and found him working really hard to learn a lick, and he was so proud of himself when he mastered it. He was all about making music.

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  3. Benny Hill has been gone nearly 30 years and would have still been under 100 today? For some reason that shocked me he seemed older back then. Loved his show haven’t seen it in years. I believe Mrs. Postcard has it on DVD.. may have to watch a couple episodes this weekend!


      1. I must admit I was never a big fan but my dad loved him, and in those days there was only one TV. I am amazed at the speed he went from top-of-the-world to the scrapheap – that is really sad.


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