Limping Along #jusjojan

Since my stroke, I walk with a limp, when I walk. I’ve gone from using a cane to a walker to being pushed around in a wheelchair because my knees are so bad. Eventually, I hope to get them fixed, though my lymphatic drainage therapist said there might be trouble with my right leg because of my lymphedema. Just made me day when I heard that.

I’m feeling kind of limp now, as it happens. Tired, mostly. I think pushing the lymph out of my legs and through the rest of my lymphatic system leaves me feeling a little punk, like I need a good cleaning out afterward. Who knows? Maybe I do…

One of the running gags in Hogan’s Heroes is that everyone who ever flew with Colonel Klink, the Kommandant of Stalag 13 where Hogan and the rest are being held as prisoners of war, ends up with a limp. He speaks proudly of having been the person to teach them everything they know as a Luftwaffe officer, but they generally don’t want to be reminded. Fact is, Klink is scared to fly, which can be a definite negative in the German air force, or any other, for that matter…

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9 thoughts on “Limping Along #jusjojan

  1. Sorry to hear you are still having problems like this. It must be very frustrating at times, especially since you were used to traveling a lot in your working days.


  2. I’ve recently been seeing more about the lymphatic system and realizing I don’t know enough about it. Sounds pretty important. I’m sending good energy and healing vibes your way!


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