Happy Trails #jusjojan

Roy Rogers. Source: Wikipedia

Gene Autry long ago laid claim to the title "The Singing Cowboy," but Roy Rogers was "The King of the Cowboys." He had a TV show in the ’50’s that featured his wife Dale Evans, his horse Trigger, her horse Buttercup, their dog Bullet, their ranch hand Pat, and Pat’s Jeep, Nellybelle. When Trigger died, Roy brought him to a taxidermist and had the horse stuffed. He used to say that when he died, he hoped Dale would have him stuffed and set up on Trigger. I don’t think that’s what they did…

Linda Hill is responsible for Just Jot It January and, in a way, responsible for the story I just told.

10 thoughts on “Happy Trails #jusjojan

  1. He was a huge star with his wife but I always thought it icky that he had trigger stuffed. What a shame that his museum was closed. I wonder where Trigger went to?


  2. That’s the Trigger I immediately thought about then I veered another direction. I swear I can hear the clip clopping of Trigger’s hooves when I think of the song Happy Trails.

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