The Anniversary Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Kentucky Kings cigarettes with the all-tobacco filter. All tobacco filter, all tobacco taste!

All in all, it as a good week. I didn’t leave the house all week, and since the weather was chilly and damp, I didn’t miss anything. Mary and I will hopefully get out this week, because Thursday is our 43rd anniversary.

Thanks to all of you who participated in "Go Stand In The Corner" this past Wednesday. We had some good responses to it, and next month will be even better, I’m sure. The next one is Wednesday, February 17, so be thinking about who gets a time out next month.

It seemed like I was posting all the time this week, so let’s get to the summary for the week.

Monday was Winnie The Pooh Day. I don’t know diddly about Winnie The Pooh, besides the fact that he likes honey, which is spelled "hunny." I came up with ten songs with honey in the title and changed honey to hunny, and was inordinately proud of myself until I saw that Alana had done the same thing. Oh well, can’t win ’em all.

This week I included a couple of animated GIF’s, launched into a rather complicated explanation of why we dream, used a question about whether a person’s name affects the person they become to play Johnny Cash’s "A Boy Named Sue," explained why hard times change us, and why we judge ourselvs by our intentions and others by their actions.

We visited KDSJ in Deadwood, South Dakota and checked out their Top Ten from 1960. A lot were songs that weren’t played in most of our cities from that period, so it was a real surprise to many of us.

I think the best way to describe Wednesday’s one liner is "a dad joke that backfired." Or rather, "a dad joke that permanently scarred a kid." Judge for yourself.

With all the music I do around here, it’s nevertheless fun to find an appropriate song when writing a post that really doesn’t call for it. This week’s picture prompt was a graphic with the days of the week, and I thought T-Bone Walker’s "Stormy Moday Blues" as done by Junior Wells & Buddy Guy was particularly appropriate.

Mary B’s song challenge asked for a color, a boy’s name, and a girl’s name, and I replied with songs by Little Walter, The Four Tops, and The Marvelettes.

I guess I was supposed to write about a news story that has my attention lately, but I’ve been listening to a podcast called If The Walls Could Talk, and I talked about that, because it’s well done and holds my interest well. I got a comment from one of the creators thanking me for listening and enjoying it. If you like podcasts, this is a particularly good one.

In my latest battle, Frank Sinatra creamed The Arrogant Worms, 11-1.

Bass player extraordinaire Nathan East, who you’ve probably heard and don’t know it, was the featured artist.

The idea was to point at a word and use that as the prompt. Well, the words "Hank Aaron" kept showing up yesterday, because he passed away. For people who aren’t familiar with baseball, Hammerin’ Hank is one of the greatest players ever to play the game. Earlier in the week, the Braves lost a long-time broadcaster, Don Sutton, another of the greatest players of all time and, if how he sounds on the radio is any indication, one hell of a nice guy. I took a minute to note their passing.

I realized this past week that I’ve been talking a lot about various health issues that I have, and I think I’ve made things sound worse than they are. The issues I have are chronic ones and I’m dealing with them as well as I can, but there’s nothing especially serious. I promise to avoid talking about them again, unless I end up in the hospital or something.

Anyway, this week will be another busy one as we come to the close of another Just Jot It January. I seem to have gotten involved in a lot of blog hops, so I’ll have to wait and see what the prompts are for those. All the Songs of the Day are written and sitting in the queue to be released. I have the rest of the week to plan for, so it’ll be as much of a surprise to me as to you. Hope you enjoy it!

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