Weekly Song Challenge, Week 4!

Mary B is the host of the Weekly Song Challenge. She gives us three prompts, we give her three songs. Easy? You bet! Here we go…

A Profession: Maria Muldaur, "Sweetheart (Waitress In A Donut Shop)"

A Day of the Week: Spanky & Our Gang, "Sunday Will Never Be The Same"

A Vehicle: James Cotton, "Rocket 88"

And that’s it for this week’s Weekly Song Challenge!

15 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge, Week 4!

  1. These are great choices and love the first gals voice which reminds me of the classics of yesteryear. Spanky and the Gang…at first I thought you actually had an old clip from the Hal Roach series and then remembered and saw you meant the actual group. Love seeing the old video. I have to say I was not much for the last song but they all fit the theme perfectly. I choose. 1. Patricia, the Stripper by Chris DeBurgh 2. Tuesday Afternoon by The Moody Blues and 3. Sleighride by Leroy Anderson.


    1. Maria Muldaur did the song “Midnight At The Oasis.” This song was written by Dan Hicks, frontman of Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, who did a lot of ’20’s and ’30’s type jazz (though most of their stuff was original). Maria fit that genre well…

      Good picks, particularly Leroy Anderson. The Boston Pops did a lot of his songs, particularly under Arthur Fiedler.


  2. Good songs! Looks like a fun challenge. I had forgotten “Sunday Will Never Be the Same,” until now. That old sound is full of sweet nostalgia, though my memories are probably selecting the best of the times.


    1. Spanky & Our Gang had a unique sound. “Like To Get To Know You” sounds like a dream. They got their start in Chicago, and I hear Elaine McFarland (Spanky) is back there living and occasionally performing. I don’t know why, but her voice sounds like a hug…

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  3. I have to admit the only song I’ve ever heard by Maria Muldaur is THE one that everyone knows. This one is quite nice.


  4. Nice choices. I haven’t participated in this challenge, but I enjoy seeing what people come up with.


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