Writer’s Workshop: Eat Your Heart Out, Dorian Gray…

This week’s question: If you could live the rest of your life at an age of your choosing, what age would you choose and why?

Initially, I thought this question was the same as this one, where I was asked where I would like to retart my life. My answer then was 17, and I gave my reasons then. Here, I would remain the age that I specify for eternity or something awful happens. In that case, I would say…

Before I get started, though, I want to make it clear that, if were to stay at 25, I’d want Mary to stay there as well. We have been married 43 years as of today, and at this point I can’t see where life would be worth living without her.

So, why 25?

  • I’d be done with college. If I were to say 18, then I’d just be starting, and I don’t want to go through that again. I know if I were to say 22, I’d be done with school, but…

  • I’d be on my way to establishing a career. By 25, I had gotten the notion of working in factories out of my system and was starting to see data processing (the old name for IT) as my future, at least for then.

  • 25 seemed like a good time for me physically. I hadn’t put on a lot of weight (but was heavier than I was when I worked in factories) and was in much better physical shape: stronger, more stamina, my hair was darker, and my mustache looked really good.

  • 25 is the age where you’re treated like a full adult. Even at 21, there are things that are still beyond your reach. They won’t rent a car to you until you’re 25, and while it’s pretty simple to get credit cards before then, you have problems getting auto loans or a mortgage (not that most 25-year-olds have the money for a mortgage).

  • 25 is the age where you’re at the peak of your mental capacity. I realize that every person’s different, but it’s generally accepted that men’s brains finish developing at 25. It’s all downhill from there.

Since I haven’t done my Simply 6 Minutes post yet, and because Christine is pretty lenient on prompts, I’ll use this for that post.

32 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Eat Your Heart Out, Dorian Gray…

  1. I agree, I think 25 was sorta ideal, done with school, financially independent, able-bodied like whoa — yep, it was a good year.
    However, I would not like to be 25 forever. I’d just like the energy, and maybe the stomach I had then ;)


  2. Happy Anniversary! 25 would be a wonderful age! However, for me I didn’t have all of my kids yet so I think I would add ten years and be 35 forever.


  3. I think 25 is also the age when someone is fully adult because they’ve had time to get to know who they are and kinda of get past the running-with-the-crowd era.


  4. Happy Anniversary! Yes, I agree 25 is a good place to go back to. I’d do that. I hadn’t met my husband yet but it was still a good year.


  5. Happy Anniversary, John and Mary!!! I don’t know what age I would pick. It would be an age when the four kids were still home. Maybe 32.

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  6. 25 is a good number but I was going through some losses at that point so I will choose 33. I was in pain but I could do more, dance a lot, I was thinner and I had the job I have now. I was with my ex but we were happy at that point but I would say, today, it would have been better to be single. Then again, I would have missed out on his family and all the camping we did. I had shrews at work which was tough but having less pain and less weight, friends, my mom. ..that would be nice.


    1. I considered some years in my early 30’s, but liked being even younger. Of course, what wasn’t was whether we’re talking about being 25 when I was 25 or 25 now, 40 years later (yes, I turn 65 this year…)


  7. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and Mary have great day both of you.
    25years sounds good two me … It was very hard work but I had the energy ..πŸ’œπŸ’œ


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