On The Beach #JusJoJan

Always liked that song…

Over the years I’ve talked about my relationship with beaches and water. You know, for example, that to a Chicagoan, the beach is that sandy area next to Lake Michigan, and that my grandparents’ back yard was the beach and park at the end of Albion Avenue. You know that I’m a terrible swimmer and that, being of Irish descent and having a redhead’s coloring, I burn pretty easily and severely. And you know about the day when I walked from Santa Monica to Venice and back along the beach next to the Pacific Ocean. I think I might have even mentioned that we used to spend some time each year at Lake Delavan in southern Wisconsin, where there was a small beach and swimming area, and that years after we stopped swimming in the lake, they had to drain it and deal with an algae problem, which Kip said was because we weren’t there urinating in the water.

I’m not a beach type of person, to be honest….

Linda Hill runs Just Jot It January, and may I say it’s a highlight of my blogging year. It’ll be over this Sunday, and I’ll miss it.

21 thoughts on “On The Beach #JusJoJan

    1. It’s comfortable after the thunderstorm that moves through at about 3:30 every afternoon.

      I saw a Marlins game when they were still at the Orange Bowl (or whatever they called it), and was really impressed with how much the crowd was into it. I think it was ’96. Sad they haven’t had much to cheer about since…. I bring it up because I remember it was very comfortable there after the rain…

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      1. It rains all of the time there also….that is what is nice about Florida, It will usually only rain for a few minutes and then it’s a nice breeze.

        The scariest and DUMBEST thing we ever did was to go to Panama City when Katrina hit. We had planned it out and paid for every thing…on the way down and we were lucky it didn’t hit there. We got there the night it hit New Orleans…waves were huge but that is all. The next day it was great….then it started to fill up from people coming from Louisana.


        1. We had quite a few people move here from New Orleans when Katrina hit, and more than a few of them stayed. I guess New Orleans isn’t exactly a paragon of a well-run city.

          A friend of mine and her mother were stuck in New Orleans during Katrina. I guess she had to pilfer food out of as many minibars as she could so they could eat. They were found by a CBS news crew and they did a feature on them, and were about to leave without them. It finally dawned on someone to ask if Helen and her mom wanted a ride out…

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          1. Wow….that was an adventure. I can’t believe we kept going knowing at that time they didn’t know for sure where it was going to hit….we were lucky but I felt bad for all of those people.


  1. I grew up with Florida beaches! But, I am fair-skinned and not a fan of the sun and the heat. I like 4 seasons and mountains. Sunscreen is my best friend.


  2. Growing up here in So CAL, the beach has always been my happy place. I can’t count all the times I got sun poisoning. I have fair skin that doesn’t tan. It has been far too long since I’ve taken a trip to the beach. My dream is to move closer before I leave this realm.

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    1. The sun is great and we all need the sunlight because it’s the best way to get vitamin D (which is great against Covid-19 and a host of other illnesses). Just be careful of melanoma. I nag people about it all the time, but I watched my stepfather suffer with it, and it is a nasty disease. Wear sunscreen!

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  3. I like to look at the beach, but I’m no fan of being “on the beach”. Don’t like sunburn, saltwater, or sand in my sandwiches. Got my fill of all of that when I was a kid living in San Diego.

    Now walking on a peaceful beach or along a boardwalk is okay as long as it’s not too sweltering.

    When I think of “on the beach” I think of one of my favorite movies with that title. I’m a child of the fifties. I love films about nuclear destruction and mutation.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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      1. Exactly! Saw it the first time when it came out early 60’s and went with my parents to a drive-in theater in San Diego. The movie made a big impact on me and I bought it on DVD when I found it. Love those bleak post-nuclear films. I’ve watched my DVD several times since I got it several years ago.

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