Simply 6 Minutes: My Little Buddies

Ever since before we were married, cats have been a big part of our lives. Our first cat, Kittyface (her real name was Kismet, but we never called her that), came to us on New Year’s Eve before we were married.

Many other four-legged friends have come and gone. Some were just outside visitors, some primarily outdoor cats who came in when the weather was bad or it was cold, but most of them came and stayed, having found their forever home with us. Sadly, "forever" is a relative term: some were with us only a short time before leaving for the proverbial Rainbow Bridge, others lived a good, long life of twenty years or more.

Currently, we have one cat, Molly. We’ve decided that when she goes, that’ll be it, at least for a while. I’m disabled, both Mary and I are reaching the official retirement years, and cats are a lot of work, and worry, and money. Not that we’ve minded: we’ve enjoyed having them here with us, and done all that we could do to give them happy, healthy lives. It’ll be a sad day when we have an "empty nest," but Molly seems to be in good health and she is really playing the role of an "only cat" to the hilt, so that’s not an immediate concern.

I found something on Facebook a few years ago that I liked, first because the cat is a dead ringer for Kittyface, second because it seemed particularly apt.

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11 thoughts on “Simply 6 Minutes: My Little Buddies

  1. That is a beautiful poem. I grew up having cats and the kids had brought a few home when they were younger. I like them but have always had a dog. I would love to get a kitten and puppy at the same time and have them grow up together. Thanks for participating!


  2. What a beautiful, sweet poem and it must have given you a little “start” when you saw the kitty’s face because she looks so much like Kismet. It is fact that cats and dogs lower blood pressure and even extend the life of humans because of the love they give. Animals are just the best even when they are full of beans.


  3. Beautiful post, John, and I have told my story before about our 19 year old cat dying and we were going to wait a while before getting another one. It couple of weeks went by and we were at the humane society adopting a new cat. No regrets and what a joy to have around during this time since we are home 24/7


  4. We always had cats growing up. Now so many of our children and grandchildren are allergic, we do not have a cat to love. Except when I visit my daughter, she has two. Covid has put a real damper on that. The relationship between cat and human forges a rare bond.


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