Song of the Day: Barbra Streisand, “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever”

Composer and lyricist Burton Lane, who composed primarily for stage and screen, would be 109 today. He composed the music for the 1965 Broadway musical On A Clear Day You Can See Forever, with Alan Jay Lerner writing the lyrics and the book. It was adapted as a movie in 1970, with Barbra Streisand playing the part of Daisy Gamble, a clairvoyant who is a reincarnation of Lady Melinda Winifred Waine Tentrees, "a seductive 19th century coquette who was born the illegitimate daughter of a kitchen maid". She sings the reprise of the title song, and really brings down the house.

10 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Barbra Streisand, “On A Clear Day You Can See Forever”

  1. Hi John – she’s a great artist … let alone singer – and if only we could see clearly now – it would help. Stay safe and all the best – Hilary


  2. She just has such an amazing and uniquely Barbra Streisand voice. A film I still need to see. Love the psychedelic intro. BTW, did you hear about Tony Bennett? He has Alzheimer’s but is still singing. I was never a big fan of his but, man, he sang with Judy Garland and Lady GaGa.


    1. What makes it unique is her nose. If she gets it fixed, it throws the whole thing off. Seriously.

      That’s a shame about Tony Bennett, but it’s like with Glen Campbell, the rest of the mind goes, but the music stays.


      1. Yes, his drs say for him to keep singing. His wife said when he sings she sees her husband has come back to her at that moment. When I heard that comment, I cried because I recall my mom with her vascular dementia. You watch them die a little each day. You suffer a death even thou* they are not literally dead. It is most difficult.


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