Song of the Day: Alice Cooper, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”

Happy birthday to Alice Cooper, born Vincent Furnier in Detroit 73 years ago today. "No More Mr. Nice Guy" is a song from his 1972 album Billion Dollar Babies, and reached #25 in the US and #10 in the UK in 1973.

13 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Alice Cooper, “No More Mr. Nice Guy”

  1. Alice Cooper and David Bowie and two my first musical memories. I saw Alice open up for the Stones…great performer.


      1. I had a teenage sister that was 8 years older so I remember Changes and No More Mr NIce Guy…but most of all their faces…Ziggy and Alice


  2. I used to love when summer would end and it be time for school to start bach up and a little kid walks up to him and says but you said school was out forever.

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