Song of the Day: Johnny Mathis, “Chances Are”

Pianist and composer Robert Allen would be 94 today. Allen wrote the music for "Chances Are," with lyrics by Al Stillman, for Johnny Mathis, who recorded it in 1957. It charted on the Billboard "Most Played By Disk Jockeys" survey and reached #4 on the Billboard Best Seller In Stores survey that year. It was inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 1998.

15 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Johnny Mathis, “Chances Are”

    1. Johnny Mathis has been around close to 70 years and has always had a certain following, so he’s doing something right. He’s not someone I could sit and listen to for hours, but I like awhat material I’ve hard of his.


  1. John, thanks for this song – not the type of music I hear and it was delightful sitting here with a cup of java on a quiet morning
    have a good day sir


      1. i know you do! and enjoy many of your video
        shares ((especially the commercials))
        and glad i saw this in the reader while scrolling today – and wanted to leave a note this time
        have a good week


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