Song of the Day: Laurie Johnson, “The Avengers Theme”

Today would be actor Patrick Macnee’s 99th birthday. His most famous role was as John Steed in the British/American spy program The Avengers, where he was accompanied by several actresses, best known of which being Diana Rigg as Mrs. Emma Peel. The original theme song was written by Johnny Dankworth, but in Season 4 and for the remainder of the series the theme used was that written by Laurie Johnson.

10 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Laurie Johnson, “The Avengers Theme”

  1. I remember this theme, the one you featured in your post not the other one in the comments. I don’t remember much about the TV show though, other than Emma Peel was so cool.


    1. She was definitely best suited for the role as Steed’s partner. A local station used to run the shows from the first three seasons, with Honor Blackmon as Steed’s partner. She was good, but not as good as Diana Rigg.

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    1. I was lucky enough to see the last several seasons of “The Avengers” when they were first run. The ABC Television Network here in the US was involved in making the color episodes, and they were shown in both the US and UK at the same time. It ran Friday nights here, and I was just getting interested in girls when they did, so I dreamt a lot about the lovely Mrs. Peel…

      Lynda Carter was the perfect choice to play Wonder Woman. She really looked the part.

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    1. In one of the other comments I put the theme song for the first three seasons that was written by Johnny Dankworth. It’s not as melodic as this one, but it was another good one…


  2. Loved that show and just hearing the song brings back great memories. Diana Rigg was featured on the Detectorists with her daughter Rachael Stirling.


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