The Pre-Lincoln’s Birthday Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Camel cigarettes. Have a real cigarette… have a Camel!

First, if you haven’t had a chance to vote in my most recent Battle of the Bands, be sure and check it out and give either Mary J. Blige or Jody Whatley a vote before midnight. I’ll announce the winner tomorrow.

Just Jot It January ended last Sunday, and if you’re keeping track of these things, the last prompt was candy. I want to thank Linda again, as well as everyone who dropped by and who participated. JusJoJan is always a lot of fun.

It was a quiet week in real life around here last week, so as Grandma Holton used to say, I don’t have any news, I must be dumb. So let’s commence to reviewing what went on here last week.

Monday’s theme was "sweet things," since it was National Baked Alaska Day. There are so many great songs about sweet things that I don’t think there was much repetition. I consider that to be a bonus.

Or as I called it, "Cher Your World," because I found a good GIF on Giphy of Cher at some awards show. Anyway, I was asked if I would like it if the government suspended all laws and all law enforcement for one day (I wouldn’t), to come up with something really creepy to say to a stranger on the street, and what I thought would be great about being an adult that didn’t turn out as good as I thought (staying upo late. I demurred on answering what I thought was blown way out of proportion, and said that my happy place was my dreams. Then I spent some time talking about Frazier Thomas, who was a huge local celebrity in Chicago when I was growing up (he wasn’t that large or heavy, just a very popular man), because I used a line he used to use. It’s nice to remember a time when things were simple…

This past week we visited radio station WJON in St. Cloud, Minnesota and talked about their Top Ten from February 9, 1976, when "Convoy" topped the charts and everyone was running around being a CB person. I had a friend whose CB handle was "One Drunk Irishman."

Our prompt was a picture of a kitty, which made things very easy for me, because I can talk about kitties all day and night. I shared a poem I found on Facebook a blue moon or so ago, which featured a cat that looked much like my very first, Kittyface.

Grabbed a one-liner from Lamebook which was a copy of a tweet by someone who’s ultra-intelligent but ends up copying and pasting the e with an acute accent from the end of Beyoncé’s name whenever he needs to type that character. The acute accent is what’s called a diacritical, and there are many of them and they aren’t always so easy to type. The Mac makes it a little easier, but they’re still a pain in the ass. That’s what’s so great about English: you ain’t got none of them there diacriticals.

I’m finding with song challenges such as this one and Song Lyric Sunday that it’s a whole lot more fun if I go out of my way to find the most obscure songs that I can. This week, Mary B asked us to come up with songs whose names contained a feeling, a color, and a vegetable (one song for each, not something like "Blue Potatoes Make Me Sick"), and I really reached back. It was fun…

Kat wanted five things I love about my home, and I came up with the requisite five, but the thing I love most about it is that it’s ours. While there are times I wish we still lived in a two-bedroom flat, I wouldn’t trade my house for anything. I get letters all the time from realtors who want to sell it for me (some are even sending me text messages). It used to really piss me off. Years ago, I got a call from one and I unleashed the hounds of Hell on the guy. Now I just laugh it off…

Steve Howe, from Yes, Asia, and a band called The Syndicats, was my featured artist.

Linda gave us an easy prompt this week, "flag," and I wrote about the little flags that the electric and gas companies use to mark where their delivery lines are so that no one drills through one and forces an evacuation.

I will announce the results of my latest Battle of the Bands tomorrow, so be sure and vote if you haven’t already. The whole idea I had to present two different songs with the same name seems to have run its course, so that will probably be the last battle to feature that particular theme. Doesn’t mean I can’t return to it sometime, but for now I think we’re all tired of it. (And everyone breathes a sigh of relief.)

Tomorrow is a freebie day on MMMM, so I need to come up with something. as well as choose a radio station for Top Ten Tuesday, a one-liner for Wednesday, and an artist who’s been with a number of acts for Friday. Then it’s up to the people who give me prompts for the rest of it.

3 thoughts on “The Pre-Lincoln’s Birthday Week That Was

  1. Funny you mentioned that realtors are biting at the bit to sell your house. When we wanted to sell our house in Jacksonville, FL, they (meaning the realtors) were coming out of the woodwork but their deals were not in favor of the seller. Once we sold the house, we were bombarded with even more realtors wanting to sell our house. I was relieved when the ordeal was over.


    1. A lot of people who call as realtors are looking to “flip” your house (buy it cheap, put some work in, and sell it for more than they paid for it). They hope you’re in a hurry to get out of it so they can get a good price. The guy who bought Mom’s house thought he’d do that, but ended up taking a loss on it. I was lucky: a good friend of my aunts was the realtor and gave us great advice…

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      1. Yes, we learned a lot when we sold our house. Long messy story which I won’t waste your time but we finally sold after renting it out for 4 years. We didn’t have a mortgage but relieved to get rid of the high electric bills, insurance and property taxes.

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