Song of the Day: Lorne Greene, “Ringo”

Canadian actor, radio personality and singer Lorne Greene would be 106 today. For years, he appeared as Ben Cartwright in the legendary Western Bonanza, and later as Commander Adama in the science-fiction drama Battlestar Galactica. "Ringo" was a spoken-word ballad that topped the chart in 1964.

35 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Lorne Greene, “Ringo”

  1. I remember reading somewhere that “Ringo” was the only song that made Lorne Green cry. I even saw the question in a Trivial Pursuit game years ago, so I’m pretty sure he actually did say it. But today, I cannot find a trace of this anywhere. Have you ever heard this?


  2. I was living in Indiana when this song came out and recall it being very popular on the radio. I thought a lot of people might have connected the song somehow with Ringo Starr since the Beatles were all the rage at that time.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  3. I think I have that album! I will look for it tomorrow. We have the Bonanza Christmas album which is treasured since it brings fond memories and is just not Christmas without it. I remember reading and hearing from a Michael Landon interview that they wanted to make Bonanza a musical western..thankfully they didn’t do this despite the ending to the pilot.

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  4. Canadians referred to Loren Greene’s smooth voice as the ‘voice of doom’ because he was the main reader the news of WWII on Canadian Broadcasting.
    A very good actor in a very good TV show.


  5. Oh WOW! That song really takes me back. We always watched ‘Bonanza’ every Saturday evening, all the whole family. I remember someone telling me that Dan Blocker was mostly bald and had a bad temper, and I remember thinking “No, not HOSS, who I thought was a big gentle teddy bear!” Lorne Green was a wonderful actor and a good singer obviously. Thanks for sharing this retro hit and for the attendant memories for me! ❤


    1. I know it moved around the schedule. I remember it was on Sunday nights for a long time.

      Dan Blocker had a Master’s in Dramatic Arts and was a teacher for many years. He was quite the actor, given that Hoss was supposed to be kind of a dummy. Of course, maybe that’s what gave him the bad temper…


    1. But of course! “Bonanza” was practically required watching if you grew up in the ’60’s.

      The closest I got to Lake Tahoe was Placerville. I did some work for El Dorado County late in my career….

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  6. I use to watch Bonanza but I was pretty young when that was on air. Mom loved Hoss i.e.Dan Blocker ❤ I really was totally addicted to Little House on the Prairie, Michael Landon I totally was in love with ❤ !!! I’m still watching the reruns of Little House everyday 😉 Happy Friday 😉


    1. MeTV has Bonanza reruns every day at noon ET (check local listings), if you’re interested. I remember watching it every Sunday night during the ’60’s.

      Have you read Alison Arngrim’s book, “Confessions of a Prairie Bitch”? I haven’t, but I’ve heard it’s good. Poor girl took lots of grief for playing Nellie Oleson.

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  7. In the past year I’ve watched 30-40 episodes of Bonanza. It’s funny that son Adam gets to sing and they have singers on but Lorne Greene never did I don’t think.


      1. Something I found out that I didn’t know…him and James Arness rode the same horse for many episodes. That horse lived to be in it’s 40s and died long after Lorne did in the 90s.


  8. I used to know every word of this piece!

    We live within (long) driving distance of Lake Tahoe, so we were at the Ponderosa site during its last weekend in existence. It was great fun to see all of the sets and such, although I regret that we didn’t visit sooner.


  9. What a flashback this was! I remember this song so well. Westerns were such a big part of my upbringing. My mother loved them, so of course Bonanza was part of our weekly diet.


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