Go Stand In The Corner: REDDIT

Yes, I know, I said I was getting off social media and had quit Reddit as one step in that direction. Then I realized that I had been using Reddit to find new music and that it was just as easy to eliminate the subReddits that were driving me nuts, so I rejoined. I know, go stand in the corner…

One of the things I remember being able to do was to save articles for later, specifically the ones that I find while browsing on my phone (you lie around for a couple of hours every day, you get bored) that I want to get to when I get onto my desktop or laptop, because it’s easier to work on the desktop. So I’ve been going around saving articles.

So, I get to the desktop and bring up Reddit. And I can’t find where to access my saved articles. So, I look at Help, and it tells me this:

And I say "oh! That should be easy!" So I look at my home screen and I see this:

And I say "Where’s line with ‘overview’ etc. on it?" So I visit "old" Reddit, and here’s what I see:

And I say "Where’s the ‘saved’ tab? And where’s the left sidebar?"

Thinking that it’s maybe uBlock Origin (my ad blocker) preventing me from seeing it, I uninstall that, and try again. Nope!

I try Chrome and Safari, thinking it’s the browser. Nope!

I even installed Microsoft Edge (which now runs on Mac). Nope!

I have Linux Mint installed on the Mac using VirtualBox. I try that. Nope!

I can get at my saved articles on my phone, of course, but the whole point was that I could save them on my phone and deal with them on the desktop or my laptop.

I was able to work around it by having IFTTT add a note with the URL to Evernote. But still, if they say there should be a tab somewhere, there should be a tab there.

So, go stand in the corner, Reddit, and fix your UI.

11 thoughts on “Go Stand In The Corner: REDDIT

    1. I could just as easily save the article in Evernote, but that ends up messy. See, I use different browsers on the phone vs., the desktop, so bookmarking on the phone doesn’t give me access on the desktop. Saving to Evernote solves that issue.


      1. I get it! I don’t use my phone except to say hello and goodbye! Back in the day before Covid, we used to use our phones more for browsing when we were out and around.

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  1. I don’t know reddit at all but I hate it when I have to find something and, even when I google help, I am more lost than I was before. I end up asking someone.


  2. I’ve never joined it. I only come across it when I’m researching something. I do know that one of my posts…someone posted a link on there to it and I got 2000 views in two days because of it.


  3. Ugh, I hate it when a sites “help” information makes no sense. That happens more than it should.


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