Just a reminder that today is the 3rd Wednesday of the month, meaning it’s Go Stand In The Corner day! We had a good turnout last month; let’s see of we can beat it this month. Just a reminder of the rules:

  1. The person/organization/government agency/business you’re telling to go stand in the corner can be anybody. Everyone is fair game for this. If you want to vent your spleen at the entity, go right ahead. If you want make cruel sport of the idiotic thing(s) that entity has done, be my guest. The approach I’m going to take is that telling someone to stand in the corner is not the same as telling them to stand on a trap door with a noose around their neck and a bag over their head. But you do you.
  2. The third Wednesday of each month is Go Stand In The Corner Day. I will schedule a post to be released at 12:01 AM Eastern Time (0501 AM UTC) which will serve as the place to which you’ll add the URL of your post. You can do that one of two ways:
    • If you’re a WordPress user, you may ping back by putting the URL of this post into your post before posting it to your blog.
    • If you aren’t a WordPress user, copy the URL of your post and add a comment with your URL to this post.
  3. Be sure to visit as many people as you can, and be sure to reply to comments you get.
  4. For greater visibility, use the graphic at the top of this post as a badge.
  5. Have fun!

For your convenience, the URL of this post is https://thesoundofonehandtyping.com/?p=25400. I look forward to see who you’ll send to the corner!

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