Share Your World for February 22, 2021

Share Your World time again! This link takes you over to Melanie’s blog, where you’ll find the instructions, the questions, the artwork, and the pingbacks of all the other participants.

And now, Shear Your World…

Have you ever ‘butt dialed” someone? No… but I bet this guy has…

If you were given 1000 acres of land, what would you do with it? Sell it. Neither Mary nor I wants the "Green Acres" experience.

Wow, laying that egg must have hurt…

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen on-line recently? Funny you should ask: Just today, I saw this, from Sid Caesar’s show in the ’50’s. It was written by Mel Brooks and stars Sid, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris (Ernest T. Bass fron The Andy Griffith Show) and Nanette Fabray (looking especially lovely).

Have you ever eaten something off the floor? Most of what drops on the floor in this house is in the realm of the cat. Fruit like apples and bananas I don’t have a problem with, and if Mary or I drop something while cooking, it sometimes gets thrown into whatever we’re cooking, figuring the heat will kill any bad stuff. Anything else? Ah, no.

See you in the funny papers!

12 thoughts on “Share Your World for February 22, 2021

  1. Thanks. John for Sharing Your World and some classic merriment! I had a lot of fun reading the answers from your readers too! 1,000 acres is a LOT of land. Me? It’d go into a perpetual trust and remain green space for the critters. We have plenty enough development here thanks. I hadn’t considered the whole taxes bit though. That could get steep in a quick hurry I suppose….. Yeah. It amuses me to think sometimes that my ancestors left England to avoid a lot of taxation and now America is right back in that pot. I think there should be a cap on how much the government can demand, but Ooo. That might be considered treasonous thinking, mighten it?


  2. OMG that was so funny! This just shows how much funnier the shows were compared to nowadays where they had to learn their lines and were live unlike today where most shows just don’t seem to be as funny. I always laugh an animal antics but I did watch Robin Williams on the Graham Norton Show(YouTube). If I won a 1,000 acres of land, I would make sure it could be an animal refuge so no developer could ever take it over after I’m dead. Eating things off the floor…well, I dropped a carrot on the floor last week but I just washed it and it was fine. I did eat perogies off the floor once with my friend…yes we were quite drunk and spilled them on the floor after placing them on the plate but they slid right off. I have no idea what you mean by butt call8ng someone but the kitty is cute.


    1. The older TV comedians had an innate sense of what would make an audience laugh and weren’t afraid of going off-script for a few extra laughs. Robin Williams might have been the last one who could do that.

      “Butt calling” is what happens when you sit on your phone and it causes the phone to call someone from your Contacts list. I don’t know of that many people who carry their phones in their back poket anymore, so it’s largely a thing from the past, but it still happens from time to time…


  3. 1000 acres? Depends on where it is. And how much the taxes on it would be each year.

    Selling it probably would make sense for me too, but in the right place I might be thinking of moving out of California.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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