Makes You Wonder #1LinerWeds

I think there might be a story in there, I’m not sure…

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. And now a word about Brylcreem. A little dab’ll do ya!

It was on the reel with the cigarette commercials, so I decided to use it…

18 thoughts on “Makes You Wonder #1LinerWeds

  1. Dogs are so trusting. When we’ve travelled with dogs and taken them on elevators most are just happy to be out and about with their people. I don’t think cats would be as excited.


    1. They don’t like going anywhere. None of ours liked going to the vet, ever, even when they were too sick to put up a fuss. Of course, there were Homer and Jethro, who did everything together. We were set to take one to be neutered, and both jumped in the carrier. so we took them both. They were about 3 months old at the time.

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  2. The world changer! Lol, I love it. My dog thinks we’re in a whole new place when I walk down a familiar road the other way, so he’d definitely be awed by an elevator. I’ve never tried him in one, but now I’m curious!


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