Writer’s Workshop: Recent Faves

What I’ve been enjoying lately:

Country Time Lemonade: For the past year, I drink lemonade with dinner (and sometimes lunch). Mary’s been buying the premade stuff at the store, but hates lugging all the bottles around and having the empties about fill the recycling bin. She finally decided to get a can of Country Time mix and make it. And you know what? I like it better than any of the other stuff. Not too tart, not too sweet, as Grandpa used to say.

Yacht Rock Miami: The "yacht" brand of "soft rock" is music from my late teens and early twenties, so there are a lot of fond memories of the days when when I was a third of my age and half my weight. There have been a lot of music ads in my Instagram feed of late, most of which advertise playlists on Spotify, but the other day I found one for Yacht Rock Miami, and so far I really enjoy it. I’m hearing a lot of music I had forgotten I liked.

Podcasts: I’m probably getting to this later than just about anyone, but since discovering the If The Walls Could Talk podcast and really enjoying it, I’m taking another look at them. There are a lot of music ones and a few for sleep noise, and a couple of business oriented ones. One in particular, Business Movers, has been talking about Coca-Cola and the big boo-boo they made when they decided to reformulate it to taste more like Pepsi.

The Edge browser: When I read articles that said that Microsoft was going to build an entirely new browser, I figured it was only going to be good for downloading another browser, and besides, I had hopped off the Redmond Crazy Train almost 15 years ago. I read in a Mac group on Reddit that there was a version of Edge for the Mac, and I decided to give it a whirl. Surprisingly, it works better on a Mac than just about all the other alternatives I tried (including Safari, Mac’s browser), and I can easily configure it to work the way I want it to work, so I’m sticking with it for a while. (I change browsers fairly regularly, so in another six months I’ll probably be on to something different…)

"Quiet" Time: I use my sequential circulator a couple of times a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, to get the lymph out of my leg. I lie in bed, take my glasses off, and lie there in the semi-dark. Occsionally, I’ll drift off to sleep, but only briefly. When the session’s over, I feel refreshed and relaxed.

So, that’s what I’ve been enjoying lately. How about you?

22 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Recent Faves

  1. I wouldn’t mind a little of that quiet time. The leg circulators look downright cozy! Also, when I was little we used to scoop that country time lemonade powder into plastic sandwich bags and dip our fingers into it all day as a snack. Loved it!!


    1. We had a candy called Lik-M-Aid that was essentially drink powder that you’d either shake into your mouth or wet a finger and dip it in. We also had Pixy Stix, straws that had flavored sugar in them. I think you can find them at the “candy that old people remember” stores online…

      The circulators aren’t as cozy as they look, but they aren’t bad. They’re made of a nylon fabric so they’re easy to clean. Not bad, really. You can wear them over your clothes, like the model does, so I suppose they’d be a little cozier that way. And listen, having an hour (or two) where you really can’t move is great…


  2. Enjoyed this quite a bit, John. It was a lighthearted step away from the daily drama that I deal with.

    As far as “Edge”, I’m on the edge of liking it/disliking it. Probably because I’m fairly set in my computer-ways and tend to be impatient with any new learning curve involved with something new.

    And, Country Time Lemonade…aside from its sugar content, it does have great taste. I consume water with lemons like a drunken sailor as it helps to deal with kidney stone formation; every now and then, I cheat, and run for a sweeter lemonade mix…Country Time is a favorite.

    Enjoy and stay safe!


    1. What I liked about Edge was that there wasn’t a learning curve. It’s based on Chromium, as are Firefox and Chrome, so there was nothing funky to learn about it: I had a pretty good idea going in how to change the preferred search engine and start page and modify the toolbar, plus what extensions I needed to install to make it work. It now feels like Firefox and Chrome, and I’m happy…


  3. I really like Edge too. That being said, I’m a PC user, as I find the Mac incredibly hard to use with VoiceOver. Could be because I was used to Windows already when I got my first (and probably last) Mac in early 2019. I’m so glad I was able to sell it to my mother-in-law and buy a good Windows laptop after half a year. Although stupidly enough, Windows Narrator isn’t nearly as good as VoiceOver and the screen reader that works well with Windows, JAWS, is incredibly expensive (but thankfully my health insurance covers it).

    Anyway, I’ll have to check out that Podcast. I listen to some podcasts already, but not this one.

    I’m also glad you’re often able to relax whilst the sequential circulator works its magic on your increase lymph.


    1. I had been a PC user until they came out with Vista, and I decided I didn’t need the aggravation, so I bought a Mac. MacOS is based on the UNIX operating system, which I was familiar with from working with Linux for work. That was the big selling point for me,.

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    1. Given Microsoft’s track record, I was skeptical, but it has really worked well. I seriously wonder why Apple doesn’t get out of the browser business and just deliver a third-party browser with MacOS.

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    1. I tried Vivaldi and had trouble customizing it to where I felt comfortable and that I would enjoy working with it. I felt the same about Opera, Brave, and Safari. I know Vivaldi is new relative to the others and knowing the way I work I’ll probably try it in the future. Firefox is reliable and I always have that as a fallback. There are too many privacy issues with Chrome, and the changes they made to Safari since I started working with Mac make it pretty much impossible to work with anymore.

      I started drinking lemonade when we’d go to Chick-Fil-A. Theirs is excellent…

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    1. I inherited my grandmother’s stomach (she had ulcers so bad they ended up cutting 80% of her stomach away), but oddly the lemonade doesn’t bother it. A shame you can’t drink it…

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  4. You love lemonade the way I love my orange juice and soda water. I have no idea how to even find.od ast to listen to and does it cost money? I have been watching. Ton of movies and creating cards,


    1. There are lots of places to find them. I generally use Spotify, but iHeart, TuneIn, and Stitcher are all good (Stitcher is all podcsts). Anchor is another site; it’s mostly for creators, but they have many to subscribe to. If you have iTunes installed and they haven’t split podcasts from it like they did on the Mac side, they’re another good source. (If they have, there’s probably a podcast app from Apple that gives you access to them.) Try DuckDuckGo-ing (or Googling) “podcasts” and see what turns up. Most podcasts are free; many of the creators now use Patreon or Locals for “premium” content. Some are only available with a paid subscription to a service like TuneIn. As you can probably tell, it’s a huge subject. Maybe even worth a blog post….?


  5. That brings back memories- back in the 70’s I lived on that stuff- I don’t think I have drank it since then or even heard it mentioned for decades- until this morning…

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    1. At home, we used to get the packets of Wyler’s lemonade and make it. There were three of us and we went through it in a hurry. Then we just sort of lost the taste for it… Chick-Fil-A serves it, and that’s how I started drinking it again.

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      1. Chick Fil- A the finest fast food joint in America… it’s funny thinking about it a lot of the things I liked back as a kid- I must have lost my taste for-

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