Five For Friday: Craig Chaquico (One Guy, Multiple Acts)

Craig Chaquico (cha-KEE-soh) got his professional start at 17 backing Grace Slick and Paul Kantner in 1971 and has worked with them and Jefferson Starship (or just Starship after 1985) before going on to a successful solo career. Let’s take a look at where he’s been.

  1. Grace Slick & Paul Kantner, "Earth Mother" From Slick & Kantner’s 1971 album Sunfighter. He was introduced to Paul Kantner by Jack Traylor, who was Craig’s English teacher. Later Craig would play with Traylor’s band Steelwind, who released the album Child of Nature in 1973.
  2. Jefferson Starship, "Keep On Dreamin’": Jefferson Starship, the re-formed Jefferson Airplane, went on tour in 1974. Craig decided he’d go back to school after the tour, but Kantner asked him to stay on with the band. He stayed with the band through 1991 (which became Starship after Kantner left in 1985) and eleven albums. When he left, the band split up.
  3. 3rd Force, "We Should Be Together": Craig signed with Higher Octave Records in 1990 and stayed with them through 2005. He appeared on several albums with labelmates 3rd Force. "We Should Be Together" is from 3rd Force’s eponymous 1994 debut album.
  4. Craig Chaquico & Russ Freeman, "Samba Del Luna": From their 1998 joint project From The Redwoods To The Rockies. Russ Freeman is the guitarist from The Rippingtons. This track gets considerable play on Smooth Jazz stations.
  5. Craig Chaquico, "Acoustic Planet": Title track for his second solo album from 1994. His most recent album is 2012’s Fire Red Moon on Blind Pig Records.

Craig Chaquico, your Five For Friday, February 26, 2021.

14 thoughts on “Five For Friday: Craig Chaquico (One Guy, Multiple Acts)

  1. I didn’t know the name until you sounded it out for me, then it clicked. And I didn’t know Jefferson Starship was previously Jefferson Airplane. How confusing!


      1. I was talking to a blogger (Dave A Sound Day) about someone he featured. One of those guys who had done a lot but wasn’t big time famous. To me, that would be the best way to have it…money and being able to walk down the street.


        1. They’re little more than names in the liner notes until you start seeing their names show up all the time… which is something that I wish those of us who download music could get our hands on. You can get some of the information on Allmusic and Discogs, but there’s not a single place that catalogs them and makes them available. They used to give a Grammy for Best Liner Notes, for the people who wrote the words for the backs of albums and the foldouts that came in the cases of CD’s and cassettes. Now, no one cares…

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          1. I miss the liner notes we would read back then…that would be a good idea for a post. I wonder if there is an archive of old liner notes somewhere?


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