The #socs Jukebox

Maggie’s already given you the Johnny Mathis version of "Misty," so I’ll give you the original, by Erroll Garner…

My favorite version is the one by Ray Stevens…

Long as I’m in a misty mood, Jerry Wallace with "In The Misty Moonlight"…

The opposite of "misty" (sorta, anyway) is dusty, as in Dusty Springfield, who we heard from earlier this week. Here she is with the beautiful Bacharach/David song, "Anyone Who Had A Heart"…

All this music is making me thirsty. Here’s John Lee Hooker with "One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer."

Yep, couldn’t think of anything to write…

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24 thoughts on “The #socs Jukebox

  1. If not a home run, John, you hit this one deep into center. I love Misty and I love John Lee Hooker’s version of that song. If you ever challenge that with George Thorogood, (sp?) John Lee gets my vote.


    1. Your comment reminded me that old Comiskey Park’s center field wall was 420 feet from home. It was easier to hit one over the roof.

      I might put John Lee against Muddy Waters, but not George.

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  2. I love Dusty Springfield and that version of the song. I was fortunate enough to get to a Burt Bacharach concert (he was getting on in years at the time) and was so excited…but it was a complete flop. I think he must have been past his prime performance days because it was embarrassingly bad (and I wasn’t the only one to think the same).


    1. Still, you got to see him. He’ll be 93 in May, so that’s pretty much past everyone’s prime (Pablo Casals played into his 90’s and was still good, but he’s the exception, not the rule).


    1. I love the song, but hadn’t heard his version of it until a couple of years ago. It’s amazing that he has big hands and short fingers and yet can make that beautiful music come out. Funny thing is that the lyrics weren’t written until after the music, which makes you wonder if he had been imagining lyrics to it. Sometimes a composer will write a piece of music that sounds like it should have lyrics, but it doesn’t. He heard them in his head…

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  3. The Ray Stevens “Misty” is the one I remember most. Enjoyed the entire playlist. What a closer there! Had to be the highlight for me.


    1. That’s a real popular tune. Muddy Waters has done it as well as George Thorogood, but John Lee Hooker wrote it.

      It took some imagination to take a song like “Misty” and make it go country like that. Apparently they had been screwing around it during their sound check, and they liked how it sounded…

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  4. Man, to play the piano like that! What talent. You created quite the playlist here, John. I found myself singing along to songs I did not remember I’d forgotten. You never disappoint.


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