The End of February Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Oreo sandwich cookies. A kid’ll eat the middle of an Oreo first and save the chocolate cookie outside for last…

Or a kid’ll eat the middle of an Oreo first then throw the rest of the cookie away…

Hard to believe that two months out of this year are already gone. We’re already at the start of spring (March 1 is the start of spring, according to the weather men) and Daylight Saving Time (boo!) starts in two weeks.

Not much else to say up fromt. Here’s the summary of the week.

I shared some of the songs from my Spotify "Time Capsule" playlist. I got a very good response from it, which tells me I should do it again…

A mixed bag of questions this week, including have I ever butt-dialed anyone, what would I do if I suddenly got 1000 acres of land, the funniest thing I’ve seen lately, and whether I had ever eaten anything off the floor. The usual stuff…

Johnny Crawford won a decisive victory over Paul Petersen and Jay North. The final score: Johnny 11, Paul 1, Jay 0. Tomorrow we’ll do the girl TV stars.

We visited KZOU in Little Rock, Arkansas and checked out their Top 10 from 1987.

Our prompt was an adorable picture of a young raccoon, affectionately known as "trash panda," so I discussed some of the encounters I’ve had with the little guys.

My one-liner was about the way dogs might perceive elevators.

This week’s prompts were a body part, a flower, and an instrumental.

I talked about recent faves, including lemondade, a new Internet radio station, some podcasts, the Edge browser, and all the quiet time I have now while I’m compressing my leg.

Craig Chaquico was the featured artist.

Wasn’t sure where to go with the prompt. "a word ending in -sty," so I just played a few songs.

Tomorrow, we’re doing Johnny Mathis songs as Marie (aka Xmas Dolly) takes over as the guest conductor for March. We’ll also start my next Battle of the Bads as three female child stars from the ’60’s square off against one another. Top Ten Tuesday will feature a station from Louisiana as I make my way up and down the US. I’ll find something pithy for One-Liner Wednesday, and the rest of the week is up to the people providing prompts. Should be interesting and fun. Be sure and join us!

13 thoughts on “The End of February Week That Was

  1. News about Georgia and Daylight Saving Time – via The Associated Press – Feb. 24, 2021 –
    “ATLANTA (AP) — Georgia senators want to stop changing their clock twice a year, saying shifting from standard time to daylight saving time and back is disruptive.

    The Senate voted 46-7 Wednesday to pass Senate Bill 100, which calls for Georgia to observe standard time year-round.

    It goes to the House for more debate. States can forgo daylight saving time.

    Currently Hawaii and most of Arizona stay on standard time all year.

    Republican Sen. Ben Watson of Savannah says studies show more heart attacks and harsher sentences by grumpy judges after residents spring forward or fall back.

    Watson’s bill calls for Georgia to permanently observe daylight saving time if Congress allows.

    He says surveys show people would prefer more evening daylight.

    and so it goes…


  2. I like Daylight Savings Time – the later sunsets really give me a boost. I wish we’d stay on DST all year.


  3. Two of my kids scrape all of the icing out of the Oreo, eat the cookie bits, and then suck on the ball of lard and sugar they make 😦 I can’t stand it. LOL


    1. Do they still use lard? Or have they gone with something more healthy, like shortening? I always preferred Hydrox: less lard and a crunchier cookie. I think you can still get them, but you really have to look…

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      1. They brought Hydrox back some years ago but they’re not sold everywhere. You’re absolutely right, it’s shortening now so Oreos are Kosher.


  4. March 1 is the start of Autumn (boo) but there are only 5 weeks until Daylight Savings ends (yay).


      1. Wrong way around, John. Our Daylight Savings FINISHES the first Sunday in April (it starts the first Sunday in October).

        And yes, we get snow. Where I live it tends to be in the mountains around us (we’re about 600m / 0.4 mile above sea level), although it does fall in town on occasion. Because we are in the mountain range that forms part of the snowy mountains the peaks surrounding us are much higher! It falls on them before getting to us.


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