Share Your World for March 1, 2021

Melanie done give us five questions for today! If you’d like to answer them, too, she has the rules, questions, badges and pingbacks over at her place.

Is every piece of truth worth telling? Not always, especially when the additional pieces of "the truth" make it seem like you’re telling "a lie."

Whom do you miss more, Freddie Mercury or Prince? I don’t miss either all that much, frankly, but I like Freddie better.

If you could only email or text people for the rest of your life (no other form of communication), which would you chose? Probably texting, because I don’t think anyone checks email anymore. Too much spam…

The reason it’s called “spam.”

Would you prefer to work the midnight shift at a really creepy out of the way motel OR work alone for eternity? I used to work nights, so the midnight shift wouldn’t be an issue. Working alone for an eternity sounds a little ominous, so I’ll take the motel.

What’s one secret you’re still keeping from your immediate family? To quote Ella Fitzgerald from the old Memorex commercials, "I’ll never tell."

No one sang the standards better.

See you in the funny papers!

18 thoughts on “Share Your World for March 1, 2021

  1. A secret is a secret which I shall never tell. I miss Freddie Mercury and his powerful voice. Creepy motel because the diverse clientele one will see. I still email so this is a tough call but I like to break the rules and say I will always phone. Not every piece of truth is worth telling. I think if we knew all the truths the government is keeping, we would be freaking out. I think of the John Ford western, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance…when one can print the truth or the legend…print the legend. Ok not great from memory but you get the meaning.


    1. The line from Liberty Valance is what inspired my second One-Liner Wednesday post. Thanks for that.

      Government secrets are what got Julian Assange and Edward Snowden in such trouble. I appreciate that there are things that have to be kept secret for purposes of national security, but sometimes that “national security” is an excuse to cover up illicit activity that the government should not be doing, such as all the files that J. Edgar Hoover kept on many private citizens while he was the head of the FBI. Many of them were little more than voyeurism.


  2. Great answers, John! Though very talented and I liked their music, I miss other rockers more than Prince and Freddie Mercury – David Bowie, George Harrison, Roy Orbison, as so it goes.


  3. Thanks, John for Sharing Your World and some great ‘clips’. So funny. I suspect you missed your calling in life … you might have been a stand-up comic and done very well indeed! LOL I’m with you about the midnight shift. I’d keep my baseball bat in easy reach, and probably would put the ‘closed’ sign up, but doing ANYTHING for eternity sounds like a big drag! Have a stunning week and we’ll see you in them papers…


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