If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Simply 6 Minutes

I never saw the movie If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Belgium, the 1969 comedy starring Ian McShane and Suzanne Pleshette. IMDb says it’s "The humorous adventures of a group of American tourists taking an eighteen-day guided bus tour of nine European countries." I remember movies from that era, such as The Magic Christian with Peter Sellers and Ringo Starr and The Party with Sellers and Claudine Longet, and they were crazy, and now, of course, I want to see them worse than anything and am wondering where I could find them. I know Turner Classic Movies has The Party and probably the others, but is there a single place that has them all?

The reason I want to see the oversexed crap from the ’60’s and ’70’s is that, compared to the oversexed crap Hollywood is producing these days, the older stuff is practically Cannes material. At least in the ’60’s and ’70’s they didn’t have CGI.

Anyway, this is how I occupy my days and weeks these days, because I’m permanently disabled and I go pretty much nowhere. I mean, I haven’t left the house in a month. Can you imagine that? I know, you’ve proably spent more time at home thanks to you-know-what, but it’s like I haven’t even been outside in a while. It’s still there, isn’t it?

You do end up with a notion that one day just flows into the other, especially since the only thing we watch is MeTV and the same thing is on every day Monday thru Friday. Honestly, if I didn’t have the date and time in the upper right-hand corner of my computer/laptop screen and it didn’t appear on the lock screen of my phone, I wouldn’t have a clue.

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  1. I love If It’s Tuesday and I hope you get to see it one day. I am sick and tired that all the tv shows and tv movies and miniseries are on HBO or Amazon Prime or Netflix, Hulu, Paramount etc…the basic networks have a few shows I don’t mind watching but everything is going to these streaming services where you have to pay. I am sick of it.


    1. I don’t watch the Emmys anymore, because all the awards are going to TV shows that are on cable or one of the streaming services (Netflix, Hulu etc.). Mary will occasionally subscribe to a service if there’s something she really wants to see (a lot of times it’ll be Britbox or Acorn rather than Netflix or Hulu). What’s nice is that you can subscribe and watch all you want to see, then cancel the subscription. There are several streaming services where you don’t need to pay anything because they’re supported by commercials, which is fine with me. About all I would watch would be shows that had been on TV that had commercials, anyway. Pluto TV has channels for old game shows like The Price Is Right or The Match Game that I was watching yesterday. When it comes to TV, I’m a cheap bastard…


  2. I don’t really watch television so I can’t help you much on the old movies. What is CGI? I wouldn’t mind checking out some of the older movies. The “old” ones I remember were stuff like “Seems Like Old Times” and “Private Benjamin”. They were hilarious and you didn’t hear everyone saying F-this and F-that every other word!
    Thanks for participating! I love reading about all these things I never knew.


    1. CGI is computer-generated imagery. All the visual effects they use these day to make up for the lack of plot and character development.

      Turner Classic Movies, if you’re lucky enough to get it, has all the great movies from the start of talkies all the way through the 1980’s, at least from what I remember. We haven’t had cable TV since 2013. That includes the musicals, zany comedies, and dramas, and a few goodies like the old serials, the short music segments and comedy reels, even a few cartoons. One of the big selling points was that there was no swearing in any of them. Many of the movies were made during the days of the Motion Picture Production code (i.e. The Hayes Code), which was a sort of self-policing of the movie business so that the government wouldn’t start writing rules and standards. A lot of them are the movies you’d see when local stations had movie libraries and would show them after the 11:00 news and usually at several other times during the day. TCM would show the movies without commercial interruption, which was a big benefit.

      Glad you enjoyed it!

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  3. We don’t have Turner Classic Movies here – is it a streaming service? Sounds like one I would love!


    1. It’s a cable network started by Ted Turner, who also started CNN. I wish it was a streaming service, but he sold out about 25 years ago and right now he’s buying land in Montana to raise bison, and I doubt the current owners will change that. We really enjoyed it. He bought out MGM back in the ’80’s and had all their movies as well as a bunch of other old movies from other studios. I had a chance to work for him: they wanted me to move to Los Angeles and manage their computer operations there. We had just moved to Atlanta and Mary said she wasn’t moving again…

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  4. I’m starting a retro movie experience for my homeschooled granddaughters. I call it a ‘cultural education’ something many young people could use. 😉


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