Weekly Song Challenge, Week 9

Time once again for Mary B’s Weekly Song Challenge! She gives the prompts, we give the songs.

Song about an Angel: Madonna, "Angel" (I know, too easy)

Song with bad grammar in the title: Blues Magoos, "We Ain’t Got Nothin’ Yet" (Haven’t thought of this in a while…)

Song with A Number: Glenn Miller & His Orchestra, "Pennsylvania 6-5000" (The phone number of the Café Rouge at the Pennsylvania Hotel, where many big bands played)

Color me gone…

9 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge, Week 9

  1. I love these picks! The one I know the least is the Madonna song but I know I heard it before. I love the 2nd song which I haven’t heard I. Quite the while. The last song is a classic.


  2. These are excellent picks. Someday I should join in on this. Seems like I either forget or I don’t want to squeeze too much into my blog. Laziness probably.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  3. Great set, John! I wasn’t familiar with Blues Magoos so that was fun listening to them. Thanks for joining in today!


    1. Sure! You know, I was lying there getting my leg drained this morning and that song popped into my head. I haven’t thought of it in years…


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