Song of the Day: Paul Mauriat, “L’Amour Est Bleu” (“Love Is Blue”)

Keyboardist, orchestra leader and composer Paul Mauriat would be celebrating his 96th birthday today (he died in 2006). His recording of André Popp’s "L’Amour Est Bleu" ("Love Is Blue") in 1968 topped the Hot 100 and the Easy Listening charts.

15 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Paul Mauriat, “L’Amour Est Bleu” (“Love Is Blue”)

  1. I really liked this song when it came out. I actually bought the 45 and with limited spending money back in those middle school days I had to like a song a lot in order to go out and purchase the record.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Probably the ’80’s. Rhino Records put out a series of albums called “Rock Instrumental Classics” that included the ’50’s, the ’60’s, and the ’70’s, plus special albums for Soul and Surf. Just by chance I was looking at the 1960 end-of-year survey for WLS ( and I counted at least a half dozen instrumentals, and most of them weren’t rock. I actually prefer the instrumentals and wish they’d make a comeback…

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      1. I miss them, too, John. It would be nice to hear them occasionally. I think I need to set ip a good station on Pandora or Spotify to play some of my favorites.i should check out Sirius and see what they have.


  2. I read your post and think…”let’s see if I know this song” and…I almost always do but I just don’t know the name or artist. I really like this piece especially with the harpsichord which was used in music in the 60s and early 70s. He looks a little bit like Dennis Weaver.


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