Writers’ Workshop: I’m Here!

I’m moving a little slow here. All week I’ve been able to get the posts for the day all done and scheduled for the wee hours of the morning, but I’ve had so much blog stuff going on right now that I finally decided to do this the day it was due. Deadlines are more internal now than they were when I was working.

I had a weird situation with deadlines a few years ago, with the company I worked for when I had my stroke. I got an email one afternoon from my boss asking me if I had finished a project, along with the email where he had assigned it to me. I was in a panic, digging through my deleted mail looking for the email. When I couldn’t find it, I looked at the people and groups the forwarded email went to, and I wasn’t listed. I checked the distribution groups that were on the email, and discovered that I wasn’t on any of them. Understand, with that company, you didn’t get on a distribution until your manager contacted the system administrator and asked him to add you.

Now, I was indignant. I had asked him no fewer than three times to add me to the distribution for my department, and he still hadn’t added me. I wrote back to him and said something like this: Mark, I apologize, but I never received this email. Had I been added to the Support distribution, I would have gotten this and started it immediately, but since this is the first I heard of it, I haven’t had a chance. There was a lot more I wanted to say, like "if it was that important, you should have called me or at least put my name in the ‘To:’ field so you’d be sure I got it. Maybe now you’ll add me to the Support distribution like I asked you to do at least three times. Bonehead." What killed me was that he never called to apologize or even acknowledged the email I sent in reply. I thought I was going to have another stroke.

What all the forgoing had to do with "slow," I don’t know, but you have to admit, it was a pretty good story.

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  1. Oh I would have been SO irritated by this! Not just because of the frenzy of searching it sent you in, trying to figure out what on earth you missed…but because they made it look like you dropped the ball on something. I’m glad you were able to pass that right back to him with a quick “you didn’t add me to the list and this is the first I’ve heard about it” email. I’d rather have self set blogging deadlines.


  2. One of my hair clients shared a story last week about a supervisor from her human resources department coming down on her over a situation with a flood of contentious emails. Part of the exchange involved my client being told that she “had to turn over both her cell phone call history and email activity” regarding someone who claimed they were never contacted regarding an interview.

    I’m certain this will boil down to a “he said/she said” matter but the major contention with my hair client is having to prove what she knows she did….especially having worked for this firm for many years. (And…she shared all the activity with me, not that I ever doubted her).

    Hopefully, all will be straightened-out but I’m going to contact her in a bit to get an update.

    Stay safe, John!


    1. I know how that is. When I was working at the bank in the ’80’s, I got to work and my boss was in the elevator lobby breathing fire: there was a job running that had to be finished by the time everyone came in, and it had aborted. Computer operations claimed that they had called me and that I had told them that I’d take care of it in the morning, but I had never received a phone call, a fact corroborated with Mary (who would have known if the phone had rung). I think they called the wrong number and whoever answered told them that just to get them off the phone…


  3. I understand this to the very core of my being. I once worked for a woman who would swear she sent emails she didn’t, who would swear she’d told all of us X and we should be doing Y. It didn’t take long to see she had poor follow through and would have benefited greatly by delegating, but she was too much of a control freak (and bully!) I was the longest lasting employee at 5 months. I had to find something else before I could escape like the others! One of the supervisors, brief that was, had heart palpitations and I was sometimes scared she would kill him with his own fear!

    At my current office, email is total CYA and well-managed 🙂


    1. A real Bosszilla, huh? I had a boss that was so bad I started giving her name to headhunters in hopes that she’d find a new job and quit.

      I wish Evernote was around when I was working. It’d probably be full of CYA emails and notes.

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      1. LOL!
        I did actually write down some of the crazy mean things she did, may one day write a book 😉 She wasn’t crazy mean to me, until she was, and I left the next day. Imagine a group novel 😛

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  4. John,

    Getting such an email as that would’ve sent me on a tizzy for sure. Your reply was good. Obviously, Mark has some management issues if he couldn’t get your name added to the list. It makes me wonder how he got the advancement to be over others and he’s sounds a bit rude by not acknowledging your reply. Thanks for visiting!


    1. He apologized and said it wasn’t a big deal, that they had decided to do it a different way, anyway. I think I would have been more disappointed if I had put in all that time and effort and they decided they didn’t need it.


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