Five For Friday: Ringo Starr (One Guy, Multiple Acts)

Ringo Starr might be considered a living legend, both for his work with The Beatles and work afterward. At one time or another, he worked with John, Paul and George and on various other musicians as well. Today, I want to focus on his work as a sideman rather than his work as a solo act and with The All-Starr Band.

  1. Howlin’ Wolf, "I Ain’t Superstitious": From 1970’s The London Howlin’ Wolf Sessions. Charlie Watts from The Rolling Stones played drums on the rest of the album.
  2. Harry Nilsson, "Kojak Columbo": From Harry’s 1975 album Duit On Mon Dei. He also appears as a vocalist on the final track, "Good For God."
  3. George Harrison, "All Those Years Ago": On George’s 1981 album Somewhere In England. Both Ringo and Paul appear on this track (Paul and Linda and Denny Laine were backup singers), giving fuel to the rumors that The Beatles were getting back together.
  4. Paul McCartney, "So Bad": From Paul’s 1984 album Pipes of Peace. This was the B side to the title track of the album, and reached #23 in the US.
  5. The Beach Boys, "California Calling": From their 1985 eponymous album. Ringo is credited as playing drums and tympani on this track.

Ringo Starr, your Five For Friday, March 5, 2021.

15 thoughts on “Five For Friday: Ringo Starr (One Guy, Multiple Acts)

  1. Hi John – always good to see what other work artists produced … so thanks for this – all the best Hilary


  2. Ringo is quite prolific and loves to play for a number of bands. I think he is one who can be counted on. Loved listening to all of these.


  3. I read about the Howlin Wolf sessions but never heard them. Did Harrison also appear?


      1. I remember something about George and Ringo were brought in on a blues project and they talk to each other and then told the organizer you need to get Bill and Charlie from the stones and they did.

        I’m going to try to hunt down where I read that.

        Of course they were not blues guys so it didn’t fit.

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    1. Thanks! I’m doing my best not to go over five songs, and I think those are five good oines. Maybe I’ll do that going forward, where I have Part 2 and 3 and…


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