Simply 6 Minutes: Costumes And Pets

I can’t think of a way to say this that won’t offend someone, but I have a real problem with people who dress their pets up in costumes just so they can pose them for pictures. Go to Facebook during the Christmas season, and you’ll likely find a post from someone who’s dressed their dog or cat up like an elf. The animal usually has an expression on its face like it’s plotting revenge: "When I get this crap off, I’m gonna take a whiz on the carpet."

It’s kind of like Ralphie in A Christmas Story whose great-aunt Clara thinks he’s a four-year-old girl and makes him bunny costumes.

There are a couple of good reasons you’d want to dress up a pet. One is to brave the elements, especially if you have a dog like a Mexican Hairless or a cat like a Sphinx that has almost no hair. The other is dressing your pet in a Thundershirt that makes it feel secure during thunderstorms or when the kids in the neighborhood are shooting off fireworks. But, other than that, costumes on pets is just wrong.

On a related subject, I read somewhere that people don’t adopt black cats or dogs because they don’t photograph well. People who think that need to look at any of the dozens of black cat or dog groups on Instagram and rethink that. I’ve had a few black cats in my life, and they were all wonderful pets, and just gorgeous. Maybe you need a better camera…

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  1. I agree. Also, let the dogs walk, they don’t need or want to be carried everywhere! And, please, no doggy strollers. While I’m at it, leave them home, they don’t need to go everywhere with the owners (or “mummy”). Either that leaves them in a car, or the owners lie and call them service animals. Do not get me started on that! It’s a real sore spot.
    (I love dogs, they are my favorite people!)


    1. I was going to talk about how you can buy the Service Animal vest at Petsmart and bring your dog into all kinds of places, even if it’s not an official service animal. That’s real BS when people do that. That’s someone who believes the rules don’t apply to them…


  2. Poor Ralphie in that bunny outfit! A classic moment in a classic Christmas movie filmed, partly, in my hometown. We have a coat for our dog when it is really cold out but that’s it. I did have a devil out for for my doggie once and she hated it with a passion so I felt for her. Maybe I will get a collar that is snazzy…maybe but that’s it. When I see how many dress their animals up in tutus etc… I shake my head. My one friend has a closet dedicated to her fat pug. Yes her fat pug hates wearing any outfit.
    I feel bad for the dogs’ paws after they walk on the frozen ground or the salt. It does a number on their paws and I wish we would change things to sand.
    I had heard many will not get black dogs or black cats because they are “evil” which stems from the midieval times and the bible. They say to keep your black cats locked in the house on Halloween because many get caught and are killed. How horrible is that. Black dogs like labs and black cats are so my favourite.


    1. Toronto, Lindsay or St. Catharines? IMDb has credits for all three. I knew a lot of it was done in Cleveland. Jean Shepherd, who wrote the book and the movie, is from Hammond, Indiana, which is essentially a suburb of Chicago.

      There’s something wrong with people who kill animals in a sort of impromptu occult ceremony. And you’re right, people have a thing about black cats that’s completely unfair. The ones we’ve had were a joy.


  3. I love black cats and think they are gorgeous! I have had a few in my life, as well, and they always make good pets. I’ve never dressed up my pets, but I know some people do. As long as the pet is not constricted or being harmed in any way, then different stokes for different folks.


    1. I toned it down a little from the original: there was a lot more swearing in that one, and I put in a few things that I thought were hilarious but few others would appreciate.


  4. Well, I have to agree on the black pet things. My black guinea pig has hair like soft shiny silk! My other one is so soft and I love his coat but the shine on Oreo! My neighbor used to dress her dog for Halloween and bring him to the dog trick-or-treat stuff. The only thing I think I did was put a crown on my shephard when it was her birthday. My little guy now, well he needs sweaters and sweatshirts in winter because he gets cold.
    Thanks for participating!!!


    1. That’s understandable. When I was growing up, the lady downstairs had a toy poodle, and he needed a sweater when he went out. In fact, up in Chicago where it can get beastly cold, that’s more the rule and not the exception.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen a black guinea pig, but then I’m not generally in places where people have guinea pigs…

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