Weekly Music Challenge, Week 10

Mary B gives us three prompts, we give her three songs. Here we go:

TV Show Theme Song: Nelson Riddle, "Route 66 Theme." They had wanted to use Bobby Troup’s classic "Route 66" but it cost too much.

A Coin: Boz Scaggs, "Loan Me A Dime." It’s almost 13 minutes long and features some of the finest guitar work by Duane Allman. The song was written by the late, great Otis Rush.

Time of Day: Dave Grusin & Lee Ritenour, "Early A. M. Attitude." From their 1985 joint venture Harlequin.

Time to make like the wind and blow…

12 thoughts on “Weekly Music Challenge, Week 10

  1. Love your choices! You know I never saw an episode of Route 66 but I was surprised how “white” George Chakiris looks to be honest. It was hard to picture him in West Side Story. The 2nd song, I listened to the whole thing and it was nice to listen to. I had not heard of the other 2 but all were good. So what were the plots to Route 66? Can you still travel all the way through to California on this route as I heard you can’t anymore.

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    1. That’s George Maharis, who’s lighter than George Chakiris, although both are Greek. I honestly haven’t seen that many episodes or Route 66: when it was in first run, I was too young to stay up that late, and I haven’t seen it in reruns, either through negligence on my part (it was on, I just didn’t watch it) or it was on at some ungodly hour like 3 AM. Many of the full episodes are on YouTube, so maybe I’ll watch all of them at some point.

      Route 66 was decommissioned in 1985, a victim of the Interstate Highway System and being able to fly from Chicago to LA in three hours for less money than a week-long (or longer) drive (particularly during the gas shortage in the ’70’s). There’s a sign on Michigan Aenue in Chicago (in front of the Art Institute, I think) that marks the beginning of it, and at Santa Monica Pier in California that marks the end (or vice versa), both of which I’ve seen. Parts of the road are still there, but most of it is gone, although they put up signs along most of the replacement roads indicating where it was. We had a maid when I was in grammar school named Lillian during the school year, and during the summer she and her family would drive to LA on vacation. She told some great stories…

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