And we’re back to doing traditional Battles of the Bands again. There are a couple of songs called "Black Coffee," so we’ll do them separately.

"Black Coffee" was written by Ike Turner for wife Tina to sing. It appeared on their 1972 album Feel Good.

Humble Pie

Stevie Marriott and Humble Pie (which at the time included Peter Frampton) covered "Black Coffee" on their 1973 album Eat It. It was issued as a single, but failed to chart; nevertheless, it became one of their better-known songs.

Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa

Singer Beth Hart and guitarist Joe Bonamassa have released three albums of covers, the most recent being 2018’s Black Coffee.

So there are your choices. Here’s what you need to do to participate:

  1. Listen to the two songs.
  2. Decide which song you like the best.
  3. Vote for your favorite by leaving me a comment with your choice. If you feel like telling us why, feel free.
  4. Then, visit the other participants and vote in their Battles:

I’ll tally the votes and announce the winner next Monday, March 22, so be sure and get your vote to me by then. And remember, anyone can play this game, so jump right in and let your voice be heard.

The lines are now open. Good luck to Humble Pie and Beth & Joe!

19 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Black Coffee”

  1. JOHN ~

    I can barely believe I’m voting for Joe and Beth “Janis Is My Goddess” Hart, but… I guess I am. However, not very enthusiastically.

    I prefer my ‘Black Coffee’ with a bit of white Bobby Darin:

    ~ D-FensDogG

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  2. I think if just closed your eyes and just listened the two versions I think the sounds were remarkably similar. I’m going with Humble Pie mainly because of the visuals. Good contest. Fun to hear and see.

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  3. I’d have preferred hearing “Black Coffee in Bed” by Squeeze. Not a real fan of this song. I used to listen to a lot of Humble Pie and even saw them in concert, but I cannot remember this song at all. Maybe because I didn’t really like it.

    The Hart/Bonamassa version has a bigger fuller sound so I’m going to vote for that version.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

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  4. Hi, John!

    Holy smoke, good buddy! This is a battle between two performances – one of them excellent, fabulous and right in the pocket, like a plug in a ‘lectric socket. The other is even BETTER! As I always say, it starts with a great song, and “Black Coffee” is a kick-ass song. In the last couple of years, I have been finding some great vintage clips taken from the UK music TV program The Olde Grey Whistle Test. The name of the show makes reference to the Tin Pan Alley era when new songs were tested out on oldsters to determine which ones were catchy enough to stick in their minds. If seniors were found to be whistling the song a couple of days later, the songwriters and producers knew they had a winner. When longtime Whistle Test host and presenter Whispering Bob Harris introduced the clip of Stevie Marriott and Humble Pie doing “Black Coffee,” I thought I died and went to heaven because, there in the studio, “20 Feet From Stardom,” as the documentary reminds us, were the backing singers, three of my favorite ladies of song – Venetta Fields Clydie King and Shirlie Matthews – aka The Blackberries. Together, Stevie and the Berries launched their performance of “B.C.” into the stratosphere, leaving me to wonder if contestant #2 in your battle could even begin to measure up. I was floored, flummoxed and flabbergasted to hear Tina Turner’s voice coming out of L.A. zinger Beth Hart as she and blues rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa performed the title track from their 2017 album. With Beth’s raw, bad to the bone R&B/Soul shouting and Joe’s wicked licks, plus what sounds like another group of black women on background vocals, their version does the impossible. it surpasses the superb performance by Humble Pie and The Blackberries. So, if I am allowed only one vote, please put me down for Beth & Joe. They nailed it to the wall! What a great battle, John!

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  5. Never heard of this song. Sometimes, that might be better because one is not leaning to famous names..anyhoo, I like that woman singing it so I go for Hart/Bonnamassa.

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  6. Hard to choose. I like the instruments’ sound much better on the Hart/Bonamassa video, but Humble Pie’s vocals are much better. There’s also the live vs. studio thing, which for me gives Hart/Bonamassa an advantage. In the end, I still ‘grooved’ more to Hart/Bonamassa, so they get my vote.

    And “Bonamassa” is surprisingly hard to type.

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  7. John, I love the Joe Bonamassa and the musicians in the second cover but the female vocals I didn’t care for much. I’m going with HUMBLE PIE in this round. Now, I need another cup of black coffee.

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