Simply 6 Minutes: Funny Animal Love?

The picture above is called "funny animal love." Whether that’s funny ha-ha or funny weird is a good question. It’s more like adorable than anything. I mean, it appears that the cat is a pretty young kitten, not a newborn, but probably less than a year old. The dog, I can’t tell how old he or she is. I’d say maybe around two years old.

This looks to me like the kitten is trying to establish herself as the dominant animal in the house, and judging by the look on the dog’s face, I would guess that he’s just fine if the kitten wants to rule the roost.

We had a situation where one of our neighbors dropped a kitten off at our house, and we already had several adult cats, including an older male. The kitten, who we named Willie because he looked like a Willie, would run up to the male, who was Larry because his sisters were Moe and Curly, wrap his paws around Larry’s neck and try to pull him over. And, of course, he couldn’t, because Larry was older and bigger. It wasn’t as though they were hurting each other, and Larry’s attitude seemed to be "yeah, okay, whatever."

A few months later, Mary brought home a little black kitten who we named Sherman because he marched around the house like a little general. At the time, Willie was much bigger, and Sherman did the same thing to him. And Willie’s attitude was "yeah, right, whatever."

That’s really all there was to it. None of them were feral, and the seemed to understand they were to be inside cats and there was plenty of room for all three of them. Larry could be in the living room, Willie could be in the basement, and Sherman could be in the kitchen. If Willie came upstairs and walked into the kitchen, there’d be no growling. Ditto if Sherman went up to the bedroom: Larry wouldn’t get all bent out of shape.

They didn’t love each other, but they didn’t hate each other, either.

This weird little story was written for Simply 6 Minutes, which Christine can tell you all about.

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  1. John, I love the names and the reasons they got their names! I always had a cat growing up. Now as an adult its been mostly dogs. Cats are the bossier of the pets! It is funny though how they can but bigger animals but they don’t seem to get the reaction they are “looking for”! Thanks for participating!


    1. At one time I had an old tomcat and a kitten, and one day the kitten took a swat at the tom. He just backed her into a corner, and – GENTLY – knocked her down and held her until he figured she had learned her lesson. She had…

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