Song of the Day: Smiley Burnette, “Chuggin’ On Down ’66′”

Country music performer and comedic actor Smiley Burnette would be 110 today. He appeared in movies with, among others, Gene Autry and Roy Rogers, and was a regular on the CBS sitcom Petticoat Junction during the first four seasons of its run. He wrote over 400 songs and was said to be able to play a hundred instruments, sometimes more than one at a time. He wrote and recorded "Chuggin’ On Down ’66’" in 1954. It describes a ride down US Route 66, which back in the days before the Interstates was the way to get from Chicago to Los Angeles.

14 thoughts on “Song of the Day: Smiley Burnette, “Chuggin’ On Down ’66′”

  1. I remember looking him up a few years ago when I binged watch Petticoat Junction…he was great on that.


      1. The one show that was still on it’s game when they did that purge was Green Acres. The 6th season was just as good as the first to me…some of the others were going down a bit…but not that one.


        1. Now that you mention it, you’re right. The last seasons were nowhere near as good as the ones before it. And “Petticoat Junction” had lost Bea Benadaret, and June Lockhart, as good an actress as she was, had a hard time replacing her.

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          1. Oh when they lost her it changed the show…it was so sad also because you can see in her last appearance how bad she was…She waited her career for a starring role like that.

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    1. Two experiences I never had: driving from Chicago to LA on Route 66, and riding the Super Chief from Chicago to LA. They were both iconic trips when I was younger, but the world changed before I could do them….

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  2. Hi John – I did enjoy this … I think it might be an earworm during the day! I also had never realised where route 66 went to and from … I knew it was LA … just hadn’t realised it was Chicago … so now I know. cheers – Hilary


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