Writers Workshop: All One Floor

Not ours, but what I might look for. Source: InteriorDecoratingColors.com

Mary and I have no intention of moving. Our house is nearly perfect for us: it’s paid for, taxes and insurance are reasonable, the neighborhood is great, and everything we need is within five miles of home. The air conditioning, furnace, and water heater are less than ten years old, and while there are things that need fixing, it’s nothing major.

The only problem is that it’s on multiple levels, and I’m finding it harder to deal with stairs. If we could collapse what we have now down to one level, it would be ideal. Since that’s not practical (I’m not even sure it’s possible), the next best thing would be to have a ranch-style house, where everything was on one level.

But again, that’s only if we had to move. I can see where I might have to have a chair lift installed between the living room level and the bedroom level. If that’s what it takes to stay here, that’s what we’ll do.

Today’s prompt: If you were forced to move from your home today, what type of home would you look for next?

22 thoughts on “Writers Workshop: All One Floor

  1. When I was little I thought houses with multiple levels were for rich people. Now that I have one I think they’re highly overrated. I would LOVE everything to be on one spacious level! Hey at least you can enjoy the fact that everything is paid off. We have a long ways to go from that kind of security. Good for you!!


  2. John,

    One level living (1800sq.ft min) is precisely what we’re after but I prefer to have the garage off to the side or in an unfinished basement which is perfect for storing stuff you don’t want in your immediate living space without having to resort to placing in an outdoor building.


    1. We lived in a ranch when I was in high school, and we had an attic where we kept things like Christmas decorations and luggage. We have one in our current house, but in over 30 years I’ve never been up there (and don’t figure on starting now…)


  3. I had a coworker who pondered the idea of “pop-up houses”. One floor when you marry and are just starting out, pop up a second floor when the kids start arriving, pop back down once the nest is empty. We giggled at the joke, but then again…


  4. It’s a positive that you and Mary are comfortable with your home and open to making any necessary change, John. I would love to get the heck out of New York but there’s just too much tying us down here to consider making a move. We looked at homes in Florida during our last visit but, going from the fairly wide-open space we have here to a, very manicured, gated community of homes too close to each other…not for us. And, we like whatever the four seasons of the year bring to us.

    It’s become a matter of just digging our heels in harder and working around the endless obstacles.


  5. I’m so glad you like your current home. I definitely understand you might need that chair lift sooner rather than later, but then again that’s a minor inconvenience compared to having to move entirely over.


  6. We have had one level houses for many years and I see the benefit of not having stairs as we get older. Moving is a lot of work. I think we made a good move because we downsized into our, probably, last home. The chair lift sounds like a good idea.


  7. If I would start looking for a house I’d be wanting a one floor as well or at least one with a master bedroom on the first floor. Not that we have any mobility problems now, but who knows what the future might hold.

    Just this morning my wife and I started the conversation of moving. We’ve lived in our current home for nearly 24 years and we like just about everything about the house, the neighborhood, and the location. But it might be time for us to consider a move. That might happen this year.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  8. We live on the second floor in an apartment complex! While we feel a bit safer, the stairs can be a real challenge at times. It would be easy for us to move if we find the right place.


  9. We have split stairs – 6 down and 8 up from the entry so a chair lift would not work for us. All bedrooms are upstairs. I would love to find a single level but location here is more challenging to find exactly what we are looking for. We. drove out and looked at a couple for sale – both required hubby out the truck in 4 wheel drive to climb the driveway. Nope. Not interested in trading one problem for another. It is hard when you have a house you love.


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