Questions From Ally Bean

Ally Bean over at The Spectacled Bean, asked some questions blog-hop style, and you know me…

What’s your favorite movie? The 1964 classic A Hard Day’s Night with The Beatles and Wilfrid Brambell.

When trying to buy shoes, what’s your biggest problem? I’ve got it down to a science: I have one kind of shoe (New Balance Black 928 Version 3 Strap Walker, size 11 ½ 6E) that I order from Hitchcock Shoes, two pairs at a time. I know them, they fit me well, and a pair lasts six months, sometimes more. The biggest problem I had recently was they were out of them and they were backordered for a couple of months.

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Ice cream cone or cupcake? The short answer: yes. The long answer: I like ice cream better, but I won’t say no to a cupcake, and if they made cupcake-flavored ice cream, it would be ideal.

What’s one good thing you have learned about yourself during this pandemic? Ah, the obligatory covid-19 question. I’ve learned that I’m a cynic. I’ve always known that to a degree, but I’ve never totally admitted it. Now, I’m almost proud of it.

Any eccentric people in your family? Discuss. I’d tell you, but then I’d have to kill you.

17 thoughts on “Questions From Ally Bean

  1. A Hard Days Night is one of my favorite movies too! My other favorite movie is Dirty Dancing. I have long narrow feet and had surgery on my right foot years ago, thus I can only wear flats. I don’t mind and I have lots shoes. I like sneakers, Sketchers, and Land’s End shoes. I’d rather have ice cream vs a cupcake.


  2. My biggest problem with shoe-buying is I need a larger size – cute shoes don’t transfer well into into large sizes, but it doesn’t stop me looking. And then getting very frustrated, giving up, and buying myself a coffee and cake instead!


  3. I cannot imagine picking only one favorite movie. Maybe I could pick ten. I didn’t know you were a cynic. I could not tell that from your posts. Maybe it’s because I lean toward being an optimist in spite of also being a recovering worrier.


  4. I know they make ice cream in birthday cake flavor and aren’t cupcakes just mini birthday cakes? Love the colors of the ones you show!


  5. There’s an ice cream shop in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware that indeed serves (cupcake’s cousin) cake-flavored ice cream. When I have some this summer, I will do so in your honor!

    I did this on my blog, too. Fun to be all blog-hoppy and question-answery sometimes.

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    1. That it is. Fun, that is. I don’t know if you have the Zaxby’s chain of fast-food restaurants there, but they used to make a birthday cake milkshake that tasted like cake and even came with frosting on top.


  6. Thanks for answering the questions and linking to my post, you cynical wide-footed fellow! My husband gets all his shoes through Hitchcock Shoes, also. I’m not too aware of newer ice cream flavors, but considering these modern times I have to wonder if there might be a cupcake flavor ice cream. Kind of like cookies and cream– only cupcakes and cream. 🤷‍♀️


    1. I was just saying that Zaxby’s used to do a birtdeay cake shake that tasted like a birthday cake. They need to bring that back.

      I don’t think I’ve been to a real shoe store since the last time I had shoes fitted after my stroke. Hitchcock is fantastic: you get the shoes within a week, the orders are always right, and if you need to send them back they don’t hassle you.

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