Weekly Song Challenge, Week 12 (really)

I made a boo-boo last week and said it was week 12, when in fact it was only week 11. My face is so red… Anyway, Mary B has all the information over at her place…

A Toy: The Four Seasons, "Rag Doll." Everyone else was using Aerosmith’s…

A Month: Earth, Wind & Fire, "September." Leonid & Friends do a great cover of this…

A Boat, or Boating: Christopher Cross, "Sailing." The man who put the "yacht" into "yacht rock." What else would you expect?

And I’m outta here…

11 thoughts on “Weekly Song Challenge, Week 12 (really)

  1. You all made me recount the number of weeks since the first of the year. Indeed, this is the 12th Wednesday this year. Next week is lucky 13 πŸ™‚ Your song choices are a nice throwback, really enjoyed them.


  2. Love, Love, Love your choices! I prefer this Rag Doll over the other one:) September is a great hit and so well known even more so because of movies and how can one not dig those outfits. I love Christopher Cross and this song very much.


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