The Palm Sunday 2021 Week That Was

Here’s Buster Keaton for Simon Pure Beer.

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday this past Thursday. Mary and I had a quiet couple of days and some good food.

This Thursday, April 1, we begin our annual monthlong walk through the alphabet, what we like to call the April A to Z Chalenge. The signup for the master list starts tomorrow and ends April 7, so if you been thinking about A to Z-ing with us, be sure and enter your blog on the Google form we’ve set up for that purpose. Look for the address tomorrow on the Challenge blog.

That’s all I have for here, so let’s commence the review…

Freebie Monday, so I used Spotify to pick ten songs at random for me. I’d say it worked rather well…

Melanie asked us "If not now, then when?", to describe our life in a six word statement, about whether we’ve ever eaten a bug, and the best way to resolve a conflict.

Humble Pie did a better job of the Ike Turner song "Black Coffee" than Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa, but this duel came in closer than many of mine of late, so it was a good one.

We visited Paducah, Kentucky and examined the Top Ten of radio station WKYB for March 24, 1962.

Our prompt was a picture of a rather happy looking chameleon, so after playing Culture Club’s "Karma Chameleon," I noted that our little green friend (at least until he sits on something a different color) looks a lot like one of Jim Henson’s Muppets, and I dug out a video of some commercials that featured Jim’s "Wilkins" (who looked and talked like Kermit the Frog) and "Wontkins" (a blob with a mouth). Wilkins keeps trying to get Wontkins to try Wilkin’s Coffee, and when the latter refuses, something bad happens to him. Henson used Wilkins and Wontkins in a number of other commercials, or rather, he changed the product name and used the same commercials over again.

My one-liner this week dealt with something to which we could all relate: the technique for walking on a freshly-washed floor.

Our challenges this week were to find songs that had a toy, a month, and and a boat in the title. I picked three songs that fit the bill.

The prompt was to write about something we once cared about but no longer do. Mine was the entertainment business, particularly TV and music. The Powers That Be in the entertainment biz are all trying to program for people aged 16-35, and since it’s been a long time (thirty years as of Thursday) since I’ve been in that demographic, I figure it’s all right not to care about them anymore.

My throwback was to March 25, 1956 (the day I was born) and the song that was #1 on the charts that day, Les Baxter’s "The Poor People of Paris." Which is actually a pretty good song, I think.

My one person who’s been associated with multiple acts is Hollywood’s #1 on-call session bassist, Carol Kaye. I learned a lot about playing the bass from her instructional tapes, and I think pretty highly of her.

The prompt was "run," and in typical stream of consciousness fashion I ended up writing about Popsicles.

The A to Z Challenge begins this Thursday, so you know where my focus will be for the next four weeks or so. Tomorrow’s theme for Monday’s Music Moves Me is "songs by Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Benny Goodman," who are three of Marie’s mother’s favorite artists, since Marie’s mother’s birthday is either Monday or some time next week. I’m glad it’s those three. I think I’d embarrass myself if it were three artists from this century… The rest of the week is in the hands of the various hosts of the blog hops I participate in. Anyway, stop by and see what I’m up to…