Top Ten Tuesday: Postponed!

It’s been one of those days…

  • Mary and I had our first Covid vaccine, and it went well. No side effects other than tired, and that might be a result of getting up too early this morning.
  • My Internet has been down since yesterday. Comcast says it’s "routine maintenance," which evidently started at 1 AM last Thursday and will be finished "as soon as possible," which could be another couple of days. My guess is that there’s nothing routine about it. I’m able to go through my AT&T hot spot, but that’s a little slow.

I figured, since you’re getting a whole month’s worth of Top Tens, I can take a day off. So, no Top Ten today…

11 thoughts on “Top Ten Tuesday: Postponed!

    1. I’m actually doing all right: Comcast has all these mobile hotspots and I discovered one that’s in range, so I’m doing all right. I want to see how long it’ll be before they fix the Internet here. Mary says she was up at 6 AM and it was working, and by 7 it was off the air again. Drives me insane…

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