The Early Bird Catches The (Ear)worm #socs

Image by wileydoc from Pixabay
Who are we?
Burny Brothers!
Bakers who are partic-tic-ticular
Because of you!
We never stop baking, day or night,
We never stop baking, day or night!

I tried to find a video of this, but there isn’t one on YouTube or Vimeo. I’m surprised my friends at The Museum of Classic Chicago Television don’t have it. Oh well, life is full of little disappointments…

Anyway, Burny Brothers (or Burny Bros., as it was spelled on the packages) was a Chicago-area bakery that sold its goods through Jewel Food Stores (they might have had their own store(s), I don’t know). There was another such bakery, Heinemann’s, that sold its goods through Dominick’s Finer Foods. I think Jewel is the only survivor of all that.

Why did I lead off with that? Well, when Linda told us the prompt for today was to "start with the word ‘who’," the jingle jumped into my brain and wouldn’t let go. Thanks, Linda.

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3 thoughts on “The Early Bird Catches The (Ear)worm #socs

  1. Don’t think I recall the jingle. Does seem very catchy from what I read. Wish I had a donut. Did the Burney Bros. make donuts?


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